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How many people in the world – so many food addictions. This fully applies to men. One of the stronger sex is enough for the food on the table to be hot and satisfying. Others need to have meat in their diet, while others refuse to eat not only meat, but also fish. Someone loves fried onions and ketchup, someone can not stand them, but it requires a mandatory oatmeal for breakfast. Moreover, it is boiled exclusively on milk in half with water, and so that there is not a single lump in it. Because from childhood I used to start the day exactly that way, and do not want to give up my conservative habits. And someone likes to try new, exotic and unusual.

Balance – the basis of healthy eating

In a properly formulated diet should contain everything that the body constantly needs. Exactly balance   power supply   is one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle and a means of preserving and promoting health.

Men should have enough calories in the menu, but without excesses. Especially in those cases when it is not expected to exercise more physical activity, and all the efforts made during the day are reduced to moving the computer mouse, pressing buttons in the elevator and several approaches to the refrigerator. Unfortunately, until now, for many male citizens, the most significant exercise is the fulfillment of marital debt. Yes, and then subject to maintaining sustained combat capability.

However, food should be ingested in the necessary and sufficient amount.   vitamins   and minerals, proteins and “good” fats, essential amino acids and fiber.

In particular, the diet should provide coverage for the requirements for zinc, magnesium, selenium, copper, iron, potassium and sodium, calcium and phosphorus. In prosperity should be vitamins, and necessarily – fiber, ensuring the normal operation of the digestive tract.

The products listed below provide almost everything you need. Of course, it is not at all necessary to use every day everything that is included in the list, but it is advisable to make these products an essential part of the diet.

A healthy body is a good thing!

General wishes to men regarding the food system:

  • There are several times a day without overeating. Especially at night. At night, it is generally extremely undesirable, from this grow the belly and complexes.
  • Breakfast is a very important part of the daily diet. Especially for those men who are of the type of “larks”. They just need to recharge their batteries in the morning, otherwise by noon there will be a breakdown. “Owls” you first need to finally wake up, what happens closer to the dinner time. Breakfast “owls” do not like, but even they should eat at least a cup of tea and a portion of oatmeal.
  • If a man is not a vegetarian, 2 times a week it is useful for him to eat lean red meat, another 1-2 times – poultry meat, and on other days – fish.
  • Potatoes, especially fried – one of the most unhealthy side dishes. It is better to replace it with porridge or vegetables.
  • For cheerfulness, you can drink not only coffee. It is worth trying a little-known drink – white tea, which has a powerful tonic effect and a lot of other valuable qualities.
  • Do not neglect the fruit. Even   Adam   did not give up the apple proposed by Eve. This is where it all began, as the Old Testament claims.

So, here is our list.

Meat: a source of protein and iron

Only you need to choose lean meat: lean beef, pork. Meat also contains the valuable amino acid leucine, which is important for building muscle.   body. Meat can be included in the menu 2-3 times a week, boiled or baked, with or without vegetable garnish.

Fish: contains Omega-3

Unlike meat, fish for the men’s menu is quite fat. This is salmon, halibut, sardines, and such a favorite herring in Russia. Omega-3 fatty acids are very necessary to maintain the health of the cardiovascular system. It is better to use fish in baked form, steamed or boiled. Fish and moderate and weak salting, but to a lesser extent. Excess salt is not at all helpful.

Oysters: a source of zinc

Zinc is one of the most important minerals for men’s health. Lack of zinc disrupts the work of the heart and muscles, adversely affect the reproductive system.

But if oysters are not included in the list of favorite and available products (Russians do not use them very actively, of course), zinc can be obtained from chicken and turkey meat. Or include pumpkin seeds in the diet, they also have a lot of valuable zinc.

Yogurt: beneficial bacteria, potassium and leucine

Yogurt is good for the bowels, as it contains friendly bacteria: Bulgarian wand and thermophilic streptococcus. And there is a lot of leucine in it,   squirrel   and potassium.

You can cook yogurt on your own by adding a special leaven to the milk. Just a few hours – and you get a great healthy snack or breakfast. For breakfast it is useful to serve yogurt with oatmeal and fruit.

Oatmeal: do not forget about fiber

“Porridge, sir!” Sounds quite brutal. Especially if you remember that the fiber contained in oatmeal is very important for normal digestion. It also helps to preserve the health of blood vessels, reducing the level of harmful cholesterol.

It is not necessary to boil oatmeal to a sticky mass. Oatmeal can be simply poured with fresh homemade yoghurt and spiced with a handful of berries, dried fruit or nuts. Or chopped tomato and chopped greens.

Fruits, dry and fresh: a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements

Very many   fruits   deserve inclusion in the menu of modern men. Take, for example, bananas that can completely cover the need for potassium. And potassium is strong muscles, strong bones, normal blood pressure.

Or cherry, which contains substances that help get rid of muscle pain after an intense workout.

Do not forget about the delicious apples – the source of pectin and iron.

Special attention should be paid to lemons, black currants and wild rose, with which the vital vitamin C will enter the body.

Pomegranate juice is very conducive to increasing potency, and   Red grapes   helps produce high-quality sperm saturated with active and vigorous sperm.

Avocado can replace red fish, as it contains a huge amount of Omega-3.

Dried apricots will help fill the lack of potassium.

Vegetables: solid benefits

The first place is occupied by tomatoes, which include lycopene. This substance will help reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Tomato juice, fresh tomatoes in a salad will be very relevant throughout the year.

Ginger increases resistance to infection, boosts the metabolism, makes the intestines work harder. It is also believed that the use of ginger helps to increase testosterone levels. Asparagine in the root is good for blood vessels.

Carrot, raw and stewed – an excellent source of vitamin A.

Red cabbage helps prevent sclerosis of the brain, and the white cabbage is generally indispensable. The fact is that with age, men increase the level of the female hormone estrogen and decrease testosterone levels. Substances contained in cabbage, remove “extra” estrogen and increase testosterone levels.

Leafy   vegetables   – parsley, lettuce, dill, celery, – replenish stocks of folic acid. Celery and parsley increase potency.

An undeservedly forgotten turnip, a traditional root vegetable for Russian cuisine, deserves an honorable place on the men’s menu. It stimulates the production of testosterone, and also serves as a source of iodine, copper, calcium. Turnips can be added to salads raw, boiled, baked.

Beetroot helps prevent the development of atherosclerosis.

Eggs: essential protein

As well as lutein, iron and vitamin E. Nutritionists in the USA recommend increasing the number of eggs in the menu to 3 pieces per day for problems with potency. In Russia, eggs are considered to be a source of cholesterol, and therefore local nutritionists disagree with overseas colleagues. They advise to limit the number of eggs to 3-4 pieces per week.

Nuts: important trace elements

Brazil nut contains the most valuable selenium, indispensable in the process of testosterone synthesis. Selenium also reduces blood clotting, a positive effect on the pancreas.

Muscat and pine nuts have long been used to combat sexual weakness.

It is most useful to make a mixture of different types of nuts and add it to muesli, or use it for a light snack during the day. Folk tradition recommends to remove the nuts with honey and eat a couple of spoons per day of such a mixture.

Coffee, tea and chocolate

It is important to choose the right quality and limit the amount of coffee, chocolate and tea. None of the above should not be abused, but there is no need to refuse pleasure either.

A cup of good natural coffee at the right time perfectly tones, stimulates thought processes and simply improves the quality of life of those who enjoy the aroma of the drink.

Tea is better to choose green or white. White tea tones more abruptly than the strongest coffee, and at the same time helps reduce the risk of developing tumors.

Chocolate – a treat not only for women. Even the most brutal man is quite suitable noble bitter chocolate in moderate quantities. The flavonols contained in the fragrant pieces of chocolate will have a beneficial effect on blood pressure, help reduce cholesterol levels, and improve blood circulation. And it all depends on an erection.

Bon appetit, dear men!