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Top 5 difficult positions in sex that can replace your sport training – Effective ED treatment

It increases the level of happiness hormones, treats depression and insomnia, eliminates headache and toothache, and even increases IQ? It’s all about sex. Which, besides pleasure, besides gives our body such useful physical activities, forcing our heart to pump blood in an accelerated mode. But this is better and certainly more pleasant than any cardio in the gym.

Intensive sex helps to reduce weight. In moments of passion, a variety of muscles are used, which as a result of the load are strengthened and get a beautiful relief. Want to add benefits to sex? Try to surprise your partner with new, not beaten poses, which, by the way, will also awaken sexual appetites in a married couple with great experience. Adrenaline and cortisol hormones, produced from unusual positions and risks, will help in this – they are designed to enhance the sensations at the time of orgasm. Therefore, the Kama Sutra to help you – most importantly, try to avoid injuries and sprains under the intoxicating effect of passion.


The man lies on his side, while the partner lies down in parallel, head to the legs of the partner, while curling up in the “ball”. She pulls her legs up to her chest, bent at the knees. And hands hugging the legs of a partner. In this case, the weight of the lady remains on one of the hands. The pose is convenient in that it provides good penetration and an interesting angle. All this gives unforgettable impressions to both partners. And if the hand gets tired, you can simply change the side.


The pose will require skill from the partner in the ability to hold their weight and manage coordination. In order to experience new sensations, a man must lie on his back, spreading his legs. And the woman should not just sit on it – it would be trite. It is also necessary to tighten the legs, thereby depriving oneself of a fulcrum. The partner is responsible for the whole process.


This option is definitely not trivial and easy! Moreover, it requires an excellent physical form of a partner, one can say that not only a healthy back, but also acrobatic skills are needed here. To perform this position, the man becomes on the “bridge”, and the partner must sit on it. It is she who in this position is responsible for the balance, and also controls the pace and depth of penetration. And let it not at all be easy, but how many unforgettable emotions sex in this version will give!

“Necklace of Venus”

Behind the intriguing name is hiding no less intriguing position, which requires remarkable athletic training and great care in performance. But if nothing scares you, then you should try it. In order to “try on” this “decoration” on herself, a woman should lie on the edge of the bed or another rather wide horizontal surface, and raise straight legs. Their partner should put on his shoulders. Then the lady crosses them behind his neck. Then a man, pressing his partner’s hips to himself, should lift her up so that her whole body is on weight. Well, if a woman has abdominal muscles, then she can keep her body at their expense. If the lady does not have strong muscles, she can hold on to the neck of her partner or, leaning back, place the emphasis with her hands on the floor.

“Vertical Jack”

And in conclusion, the position, the fulfillment of which will precisely make the gymnasts in the circus blush: “The vertical jack”. If you have no problems with dizziness and strong cervical vertebrae, you can try it. For a start, the lady should make a classic “birch”, supporting her body with her hands for an upright position. The partner, having thrown a leg over her hips, should bend them in knees. Well, then – a matter of technology. It is recommended to support the woman with her hands on the leg to help her maintain balance. The piquancy of the posture lies in the unusual angle of penetration, which allows to stimulate several “hot” points with some freedom for the hands, which can also be used for additional caress. Bright impressions and beautiful views are guaranteed.