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Men’s health: how sports nutrition affects the potency – Effective ED treatment

Attracts athletes very different advantages of such food – it has a high energy value, is quickly digested and is almost completely absorbed by the body.   Healthy lifestyle   – it’s great, give up beer and cigarettes, eat the right food, and go to the gym!

But there are a number of questions that do not give rest to novice athletes. How harmful   sports nutrition? What are the warnings with regular use? And the most important: will the potency disappear? After all, so many gossip we all heard! Let’s try to figure it out.

Who should eat sports nutrition and why?

The fact that various food additives are used by beginners and professional athletes is known to all. But many men, registering in the gym, also think about the need to introduce such a diet into the diet. And there can be several reasons here:

  • the need for accelerated recuperation after workouts, for this purpose, protein and creatine are used;
  • too slow muscle gain , protein and gainer needed ;
  • desire to quickly reset   do not try to resort to the help of sensational fat burners , it is better to replace part of your daily food with protein;
  • the desire to become stronger, amino acids help to structure muscle tissue and make more exercise approaches or use more weight.

How to use and what results should be expected?

Protein use should be properly planned. Experts recommend resorting to it immediately after exercise, because it is during this period that the body needs high-quality proteins. You can transfer it to a late evening, then he will play the role of muscle restorer.

Laboratory studies indicate that protein is best absorbed in combination with complexes dominated by vitamins B3, B6, B12 and minerals such as chromium and zinc. This must be considered when combining nutritional supplements.

Regarding the dosage it should be noted that it is selected individually. Factors directly affect it:

  • body weight;
  • training intensity;
  • kind of sport;
  • total human diet.

Detailed recommendations of the manufacturer you can always find on the packaging, and for practical advice and specifics you should contact your own trainer.

Amino acids on the contrary should be taken before the start of training. They will provide a powerful energy potential and significantly increase muscle productivity for intensive work. They are washed down with copious amounts of liquid.

Has its own specifics and creatine. This product is originally natural and is already contained in our muscles. Therefore, its maximum limit should be increased, starting with small doses. Creatine capsules are drunk both on training days and on rest days. In the first case, immediately after the power load and drinking juice, and in the second – between meals.

Sports nutrition and   potency

Question   “as   sports nutrition   affect the potency? ”   excites many men. After all, there is a perception that sports nutrition significantly reduces   potency. In fact, this is not the case:

  1. The bad fame of protein supplements created harmful steroids, which, in fact, affect sexual desire. High-quality sports nutrition does not contain any substances harmful to the body!
  2. The second reason for the emergence of such rumors is even more banal. If you play sports quite recently and initially miscalculated the necessary load, then after several trips to the gym the body simply exhausted. Naturally, this will affect the potency, but everything will return to normal very quickly.
  3. Finally, stop cheating yourself! Negative attitude to sports nutritional supplements can cause a placebo effect, that is, the potency will decrease on a psychological level. And to cope with such a problem is many times more difficult … Control your thoughts and avoid suspiciousness, this will help you in sports and in life.

Pros and cons of any sports nutrition

The harm that the protein supposedly causes can not even be compared with the consequences of poor ecology, food, smoking and drinking alcohol. Of course, some gainers have individual contraindications, but if used correctly, they will bring men’s health only benefits. The main thing is always get a quality product that has natural ingredients and does not contain third-party impurities or chemical additives.