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The effect of prostatitis on men’s health – Effective ED treatment

About prostatitis as the main male intimate problem heard by many. But not every man knows about what symptoms it manifests and what methods should be used to prevent this delicate disease.

The cause of this pathology is often a chronic or latent infection that causes inflammation of the prostate. The development of prostatitis affects the production of male hormones, leads to a violation of potency, which forces you to consult a doctor and take medicines, undergo unpleasant procedures. Can this be avoided?

Potency disorders: what are they connected with?

Problems with potency are extremely painfully perceived by men at any age, and if they become commonplace, the psychological state suffers, self-confidence is lost. According to doctors, most of these problems with potency could well have been avoided if men visited a doctor on time, underwent routine check-ups and were more picky and prudent in intimate relationships. Most of the sexual problems, including reduced potency, are directly related to chronic inflammation in the prostate gland or a decrease in the amount of hormones (especially testosterone and other androgens).

Today, disorders in the intimate sphere associated with infections and inflammatory processes in the prostate have become a very urgent problem of andrology. Conferences, symposia are devoted to them, and pharmaceutical companies are working on the development of drugs from which lost potency will recover. If earlier, at the end of the last century, prostatitis was the lot of older men, today it often occurs in guys who are no more than 20-25 years old. This becomes a real problem.

Why do I need to treat prostatitis?

Prostatitis is referred to as acute or chronic, sluggish infectious processes, leading to disruption of the structure and functioning of the body. Given that the prostate is referred to as the second heart of a man, the degree of seriousness of the problem becomes clear. If prostatitis is not treated properly, its minimal manifestations are ignored, after a few years, the man is confronted with impotence and the problem of infertility. And this is the cause of violations of intimate life, discord in the family and loneliness, psychological problems. All this flows into depression, which only exacerbates the problems.

Prostatitis, in addition to the presence of unpleasant symptoms and problems with urination, depending on the form and stage at which it is detected, can also create a lot of complications. Men are especially afraid of the likelihood of impotence, the formation of infertility and intimate disorders associated with it. For the stronger sex, going to a doctor with such a problem is an additional psychological stress, it’s very difficult for them to admit their sexual impotence. But it is important to understand that prostatitis is the same disease as all the others, today it is actively and effectively treated, returning the joy of life and full   potency. And not in all cases it is necessary to take medicine for a long time or to undergo surgery, to carry out painful or unpleasant manipulations. In the initial stages, prostatitis is quickly eliminated with a short course of therapy.

Functions of the prostate: the production of hormones in case of emergency

For a man, the prostate is one of the most important glands; it allows him to be a man in every sense of the word. First of all, it does not allow the infection to spread deep into the pelvis, being a natural barrier to its path. In addition, it produces a special fluid that makes the male sperm functionally active and capable of fertilization. But especially important is its function in relation to male hormones. When the male hormones are produced in sufficient quantities, they actively regulate the work of the entire reproductive system in general, and the activity of the prostate, in particular. If there is a shortage of male hormones, especially if it is testosterone, the prostate begins to actively produce them in order to at least partially restore their balance in the body. If the prostate functions are impaired, it invariably affects male hormones: their number decreases, which invariably affects the sexual abilities of the stronger sex.

In addition to this problem, inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the bladder or urethra, as well as the proliferation of glandular tissues with the development of prostate adenoma or cancerous transformations of the prostate can also be complications of prostatitis.

Where does the prostate infection come from?

Infection develops in the prostate if viruses or microbes enter it. They can penetrate into it ascending from the urethra, when infected with intimate infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes and others), and can also be carried with the flow of lymph or blood. However, a healthy body actively suppresses the development of infection; therefore, perineal injuries, general hypothermia of the body or problems with   hormones.

In young people, both acute and chronic infections are typical, and minimal signs of prostatitis can be detected in 40% of men at reproductive age. With aging, the percentage of chronic pathology increases: up to 60% of the elderly after 55-60 years of age have manifestations of sluggish inflammation of the prostate.

When do you need treatment and medication?

Any manifestations of discomfort in the intimate area should be a reason to consult a doctor. The doctor according to the results of the survey will determine the activity of the process and that   what medications   needed to suppress inflammation. Acute inflammation is usually treated with antimicrobial (or antiviral) drugs, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs. Chronic inflammation may involve taking medication courses, long-term to help the early suppression of inflammation and the elimination of infection. In some cases, medications do not have an effect, especially against the background of prostatic hyperplasia, and then more radical therapies may be required.