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Top 10 oral sex techniques – Effective ED treatment

In the intimate life of a couple, only what partners themselves do not approve of can be forbidden. So oral sex, which not so long ago was considered almost a perversion, is now practiced by most couples. The author of invites you to get acquainted with the best techniques of oral sex.

Oral sex (fellatio – oral caress of the male genital organ, and cunnilingus – of the female) – stimulation of the partner’s genitals with lips and tongue.  

This is one of the oldest forms of partner satisfaction, which, however, sexually conservative people often call perversion.

In this article we will talk about fellatio. Good oral sex is not only a way to give pleasure, but also a real opportunity to attach a person to yourself.

Even if you have not pleased your loved one with oral sex, or do it constantly, it is never too late to master or improve the technique.

We bring to your attention 10 interesting techniques of oral sex, thanks to which your man will never forget you.

Tongue and lips

  1. Play with food

Watching a woman caressing a member is a true bliss for almost any man.

Watching a woman licking ice cream, honey or yogurt from a member is the highest bliss bordering on nirvana.

Smear, drip on top and lick. Food, in a sense, is one of the best sex toys with endless possibilities of use. 

Connect the fantasy! It can be whipped cream, berry syrup, chocolate sauce.

Most foods, with the exception of spicy foods, are safe to apply to the outside of the genitals.

However, if you protect yourself with condoms, be careful with fatty foods, as oil and fat dissolve latex and the condom may break. 

Also be careful with allergen products – for example, many people may have an allergy to honey.

  1. Piquant atmosphere

Typical fantasy of a teenage boy: he rides a red convertible at high speed, while a chic blonde gives him a blowjob.

Now you are an adult and understand that this situation is a real threat to life – because a man at the time of orgasm is simply not able to concentrate on driving.

But unzip his fly and play with a member of the hand at a time when he is driving, is not so dangerous. Plug in your mouth when you arrive at your destination and the driver turns off the motor.

There are many other piquant places suitable for unforgettable oral sex: a guest bathroom, on the balcony (when others can see his torso, but you can’t see you).    

And you can catch it (of course, with your lips) when leaving your home for work.

Everything at your fingertips: compression technique

  1. Lick like a candy

This technique is most often used in porn movies, as it allows him to fully and completely observe the process.

It is best to perform it, kneeling and taking into account your height – perhaps a man would be better to stand on something.

The bottom line is that you need convenient access to his scrotum. Lift the penis up to reveal the testicles. Then find the line that runs between them – it usually has a darker color.

This line originates from the bottom of the scrotum – and it is from there that you need to start moving the tongue, continuing to move very slowly in the direction of the head.

Imagine holding a big lollipop. Repeat this slow lick 10 times and then move on to another technique.

  1. Swallow whole

This technique is to cover your teeth with your lips and swallow the penis as deep as possible with a quick movement. 

No, you don’t need to learn a rather difficult technique called “deep throat”. The point is that the partner must see how his member quickly disappears in the depths of your mouth …

Many women begin by licking their heads, plunging the penis into the mouth deeper and deeper.

This relaxes the man and he does not expect rapid swallowing at all – that is why this technique will amaze and excite him even more.

By the way, if you are interested, a “deep throat” is a way to immerse a member to the full length inside the throat with overcoming the gag reflex (the latter is especially difficult and requires special training).  

Fellatio like an adult movie

  1. Help yourself with your hand

Holding the penis at the base, fill your mouth with saliva – this will make the slide soft, light and pleasant.

With the fist of your free hand, slide up and down the penis, squeezing the palm of your head.

Then connect the mouth to the movements of the hand – at this moment the hand becomes like an extension of your mouth.

Create a pleasant vacuum in your mouth (but do not suck in too much) by sliding up and down, continuously following your hand with your mouth.

If you have coordination problems, just hold your hand at the base of the penis and only move your mouth. 

  1. Carrot and stick

Any method of oral sex can be improved using the compression technique.  

Fantastic fireworks of feelings in men cause a combination of hard hand squeezing and gentle stroking of the tongue. 

When you reach the head with your hand, masturbating a member of your partner, clench your fist harder.

At the same time, draw your tongue around the head, simulating a funnel. This is a simple and very effective movement.

Play with the bridle – a strip of skin connecting the head to the foreskin: you can tap it with a strained tongue or make a “butterfly” – a movement in which the tongue mimics the flutter of a butterfly wing on the bridle.

Weasels for the brave

  1. Become a Pornstar

You can hate this masculine quality, but the fact remains: most men like to watch porn.

The reason for this is that they love with their eyes, and in porn movies there is a detailed demonstration of all aspects of sexual intercourse.

Add a touch of eroticism to your repertoire: start with sensual kisses while standing, and then abruptly kneel down.

With one hand, place his penis in your mouth, then, looking eyes into eyes, caress his hands on his stomach, nipples (if you reach).  

The main feature of this technique is to demonstrate to the man that you hold the penis in your mouth without the help of your hands, like a pacifier. This is crazy insanity.  

  1. Head down

While your partner is undressing, lie on your bed with your head in the direction where your legs usually lie. Accordingly, the legs are on the side of the pillows.

When he comes to the bed, lower your head so that it hangs in the air, grasp your partner with your hands on the buttocks and take the penis in your mouth.

If the bed is too low, place a pillow under your shoulders. It turns out that you give your partner oral pleasure, while being upside down.

He has full control over the process, but you have the ability to direct it using your hands to speed up or slow down the action.

This technique not only looks sexy from the side, but also gives you the opportunity to capture the penis as deep as possible, avoiding the gag reflex.

  1. Ball game

The best compliment you can give a man is to show him how much you want to be in his genital area. 

And the best opportunity to demonstrate this is to fully examine the object, of course, by affection.

Take one or both testicles in your mouth, moaning slightly, suck, lick and nibble them. By the way, if you do not want him to cum in your mouth, this technique is your salvation!

Approaching a partner to orgasm, proceed to stimulate the scrotum with the tongue, while masturbating the penis.

He will also undoubtedly like it if you caress the tongue between the anus and testicles – for many men this is the strongest erogenous zone.

  1. Anusling is not forbidden

This technique is suitable if there is courage in you and there is no any disgust in relation to a loved one. It includes anal stimulation with the tongue.  

Licking, hitting and pushing the tongue inside the anus is a great pleasure (by the way, this applies to both sexes!), Because it is a very sensitive area with many nerve endings.

If you are concerned about the topic of protection and you are afraid to get pathogenic microbes and infections through such contact, or if you are just squeamish, establish a barrier between yourself and your partner’s anus – this could be, for example, a half-opened condom.

Many men are very fond of anusling, but are embarrassed to say so. Therefore, go for it if you are not afraid of such bold experiments.