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6 reasons why he changes – and how to live with it – Effective ED treatment

For many women, adultery is practically the end of the world, when you do not feel the earth under your feet and it seems that the whole world is against you. In this article, the author offers a different point of view – that this is only an alarming signal that there are problems in your relationship. And tells what a woman can do if she still wants to maintain this relationship. What male infidelity depends on the woman and how it can be influenced .

First of all, I would like to emphasize that a strong, happy relationship is the result of a large joint work of a man and a woman. And in this article we will talk only about the active role of a woman, but this does not mean that a man does not take active actions on his part.

Reason 1. Your appearance

Go to the mirror right now, look at yourself – what do you see in the reflection? Do you look like the beautiful girl you were at that very moment when your man loved you? As a rule, many girls marry, give birth to children and put domestic responsibilities in priority, forgetting about themselves. So do not be worth it! It is important to always remember that first of all you are a woman, and your man should constantly see in you an attractive, desirable girl, what you were at the moment of your romantic relationship, and not a tortured, neglected wife with a sad face expression. At first glance it seems that this is an impossible task, with our fast pace of life and heavy workload, but in reality everything is much simpler than you think.

Right now I will tell you how to combine mother, wife, employee / leader and an attractive woman. Take a notebook and a pen, divide the sheet of paper into 3 columns. In the first column, list 7 days of the week, and in the second, describe by day everything you need to do every day (for example: wash dishes on Monday, cook dinner, pick up children from kindergarten, wash; vacuum the room on Tuesday, cook dinner, wipe dust in the hall, ironing things, etc.). Then go to the third column and write the name of the person next to each item, who will have to take control of this task (after having coordinated this issue with him). Remember, it is not necessary to shoulder all the responsibilities on their fragile shoulders. You are not a woman horse. Learn to delegate household chores to other family members, and then you will have time for yourself (makeup, styling, shopping, yoga, dancing, etc.). With these simple solutions, you will always be welcome for your man.

Reason 2. Frequent quarrels.

Think about how often your dialogue with your husband turns into a conflict situation and you start talking to him in a raised voice? How often can you not understand each other? Think about it, has it always been like that? As a rule, conflict situations are cumulative. For example, it does not happen that people in each other didn’t feel drunk, smiled, rejoiced at life, and then one day the husband inadvertently said something to his spouse, and they quarreled. No, it is different. When a person accumulates grievances within himself for a certain period of time, one day his patience becomes overflowing, and the whole dialogue turns into a conflict situation. To prevent this from happening in your family life, you must learn to talk to each other about the things that bother you / offend you.

Suppose your husband had such a carelessness to say that he didn’t really like dinner, and you silently took offense at him and kept your emotions (thus, you started gradually filling your patience bowl). A man in this situation may not even suspect that his act could hurt you somehow, while in the meantime his words hurt you greatly. Under such circumstances, it is important to be open with each other, try, always keeping calm, to talk about what hurts you, then your patience will not overflow, and you will eliminate conflict situations in your family once and for all.

Reason 3. Your suspicion

Now many girls have such an obsessive habit – to act as an investigator for particularly dangerous cases. It’s as if you are trying to get on the trail of a criminal, constant calls, surveillance, control of social services. networks, etc. Dear girls, all these fears of yours, jealousy, sense of ownership have nothing to do with love. This is what is in your head. Stop following the man, change your tactics and work on yourself, your inner component (sign up for the gym, start reading books, develop), and then your man just won’t change your mind. Remember the most important thing: relations, first of all, should be built on trust, and if there is no such trust, then sooner or later any union will begin to collapse.

Reason 4. you admire little

Sometimes, girls are immersed in family chores, and completely forget about such simple and at the same time important things, like admiring the actions of their man. But your elect like no one else needs it. He moved the furniture – tell me how strong you are, so that I can do without you! He gave flowers on March 8, tell me what a wonderful bouquet you are, I have the best one (and it doesn’t matter that you are not a connoisseur of flowers or they are not your type at all). He won a case, got a promotion or made a deal – say that I have the smartest husband, let’s celebrate your victory together, I’ll cook something tasty. Let it become your habit. Learn to thank your man for the good things he does for you. I’m not talking about the fact that you need to “carry your husband in your arms” and “blow away specks of dust from him”. Not. I’m talking about the fact that we need to appreciate such moments in life and do not take this for granted. Then your man will form a strong immunity to the admiration of other women.

Reason 5. Lack of sex

Some couples have certain difficulties when it comes to intimacy. Do you ever have such situations when you say to your husband: “Let’s not today, I have a headache”, “You only think about it, it would be better to fix the crane”, “Today I’m tired, give another time ” etc. How many times (per day, month, year) do you deny your loved one? It is important to always remember that sex is an integral part of life. Therefore, if in your pair of situations of failures are repeated often enough, then there is a high probability that your beloved person will meet the woman who will not refuse him on his life path. To prevent this from happening, it is important to sit down and understand yourself, understand why this has started to happen in your life. Perhaps you are shy of your body or there is no longer a physical attraction in your couple , maybe your headaches are associated with some kind of illness. Or with the fact that you do not feel support from a man – do not be silent, tell him about it. Anyway, it is necessary to understand the reason as soon as possible and to eliminate it in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Reason 6. You charge too much.

Some women are accustomed to associate themselves with the “dray”. They carry heavy bags of groceries, make repairs in the apartment, repair a tap in the bathroom, hammer boards, etc. Dear girls, you must understand that first of all you are fragile, gentle creatures and your main task is to be a feminine, well-groomed and loving wife and mother (for your child), and not the one you are now. Entrust all this hard work to your chosen one, because he is the man in your house. When you take on those tasks that require physical strength, you humiliate your loved one, he has less motivation to do anything for you, he does not feel like a man next to you, because you cope without him. So do not.

Remember, the same man can behave in absolutely different ways with each woman. On the one, he will be lazy and inactive, on the other caring and strong, on the third soft and docile, etc. And how your man behaves depends directly on your attitude towards him.

So, summing up, I will emphasize once again that a person (man or woman, not important) begins to change when he becomes uncomfortable (either emotionally or physically) in current relationships. Still, most of the comfort in a relationship depends on the woman.