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8 tips sexologist to the first time with a new partner did not turn into a nightmare – Effective ED treatment

The first time with a new partner, we are always seen as an extravaganza. Ideal, passionate, complete understanding, feelings on the edge and in the final – simultaneous orgasm. Alas, these dreams are so far from reality, which is often accompanied by timidity, beating foreheads, creaking joints, stupid chuckles and other moments that fit to show in comedies

1. What do you want yourself?

The implementation of this advice begins long before sex with a new partner. Feel free to explore your own sexuality, your desires, secret points and erogenous zones. This is crucial for getting an orgasm in principle. After all, if you yourself do not know what turns you on and how, why does your partner, especially for the first time, have to mysteriously guess this?

2. Show me what you like

No need to play partisan and be silent. He only gets to know you, if he does what you like, show it with your breath, moans, encouraging phrases (yes, I like it so much, etc.). Also, do not forget about the compliments (what strong hands you have, strong arms, big … and so forth). This is necessary, among other things, so that a man can become more comfortable with you. When my friend first saw the dignity of her man, she gasped out: “Oh! CSO! He felt his own power, and in the end everything went great, and he recalled this phrase many times with a contented smile of a Cheshire cat.

3. Choose time correctly

For women, the pleasure attainment system works somewhat thinner than the male one. Female orgasm is 70% dependent on our psychological state. Therefore, it is very important to plunge into new sexual relationships when you are psychologically ready for this. Put aside the “five dates” rules and other standards imposed by someone. Listen to yourself. After all, if you enter into sexual relations earlier, then thoughts about the past, including the orchestra, will not allow you to relax, and thus enjoy, which is much worse than any awkwardness.

4. Do not transfer past experience to a new partner

If with your past partner you implemented some kind of scenario, then it’s not a fact that the same things will be pleasant to the new. But understanding the general principles of excitement of erogenous zones, act delicately and watch your partner. Similarly, one should not expect that a new partner will repeat what has so excited you in past relationships. Therefore, I repeat, tell your partner in a delicate form your desires and preferences. And do not hesitate to ask what he likes.

5. Sexual experiments and leave your experience for later

Even if you perfectly master all the postures of the Kama Sutra, easily perform the “deep throat”, have a large arsenal of sex toys and know 10 trigger points, you shouldn’t show it all at once. The first time, and so is quite an exciting moment for both partners, it is not necessary to aggravate the situation. If you are planning a long-term relationship, you will still have a chance to surprise each other.

6. Forget about your appearance complex.

Even the perfect woman will find in herself cons. But if you are already in bed with a man, he wants you. The way you are now. Numerous studies by sexologists show that at the time of arousal, the male brain perceives the female body as very attractive, without noticing the shortcomings. Of course, this does not negate the preliminary preparation for the first time: beautiful underwear, hair removal, clean head, manicure, pedicure. But it is even more for us, so that thoughts of appearance do not distract from the process. If these arguments are not convinced, create an erotic twilight in the room – this will allow you to relax better.

7. Be in the moment

This is probably one of the most important tips. When the process has already begun, be in the process – here and now. Surrender to feelings, not thoughts. Focus on your feelings arising in the body, the movements of the partner, his reactions to your actions. Do not be distracted by the surroundings, do not think about the shopping list or how funny the sofa squeaked. Otherwise, the orgasm just will not happen.

8. Awkward moments – not a tragedy

The first time can do without embarrassment, but if they did happen, you shouldn’t make a tragedy out of it or depict that there was nothing. The first time is a lot of stress for both participants in the process, so the most important thing is to relax, tune in for pleasure, not concentrate on awkwardness and everything will be fine. The first time is not an indicator, the next time you will succeed.