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Sex recipe: when your husband needs more sex than you – Effective ED treatment

If you have been married for several years, then you probably already know (and even tried in practice) all the sex recipes that are usually given in glossy magazines. Therefore, we will not waste words. We will SHOW you some simple tricks and techniques.

Manual techniques are a rescue tug for your love boat. You will need them if:

  • the husband wants a lot of sex, but you already have enough;
  • both of you want sex, but you are so tired that you can only move your fingers; 
  • you tried everything – and you want new sensations. 

No need to take masturbation too bluntly. Manual techniques are, if you know the tricks, the most sophisticated ways of pleasure. You have to do something with your hands that a man alone can neither repeat nor understand. Then he will definitely not get anywhere from you.

Apply grease

It is very important! If oral, genital and even sometimes anal sex can do without additional fluids, then manual techniques are ALWAYS performed using a lubricant. It is highly desirable – on a silicone basis: those that are water-based, dry and absorb too quickly, you have to add them, breaking away from the process … Silicone, yes! 

The easiest way to carry it is in your hands. Lightly warm the grease between the palms, and then distribute from top to bottom – this is the beginning of an erotic game. But this is not the technique itself.

Technique “Dancer”

Ideally, before you approach your husband with such an offer, it would be better for you to practice a dildo: not everyone can do it the first time, like that, twirl your fingers like a dancer on a pole. It will be easier at first to act with just one hand. Notice how the brush rotates. We felt that it turns out well – take up the matter with both hands. We felt that the two are good at it – go to your husband. Have a good weekend!