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Drugs and dietary supplements for potency: what is dangerous? – Effective ED treatment

One of the serious problems of a considerable number of modern men is a disorder of potency, or erectile dysfunction. At least once in life almost every man has encountered this problem. With age and the acquisition of various diseases, it only gets worse. Erectile dysfunction (ED) today consider the impossibility of achieving or maintaining an erection for a long time, which would be sufficient to have full sexual intercourse. The problem is aggravated by the peculiarities of the psychology of men; for them, a disorder of potency is a severe stress that aggravates the problem.Today there are various   medication   and numerous nutritional supplements, dietary supplements – will they solve the problem?

Problem of potency disorder

Periodic misfires in bed and potency disorders occasionally occur in all men. This is considered a problem when repeating such situations for three months or more. If there are manifestations of erectile dysfunction, it significantly affects the quality of life of a man, regardless of what cause it caused. In this case, there is a feeling of both physical and emotional dissatisfaction, the formation of complexes and difficulties in relations with the opposite sex. Many men are embarrassed to talk about the problems of potency, they turn to the doctor already in neglected cases, preferring to experience it in themselves or to use questionable methods of treatment and medications found in the global network. Meanwhile, today there are many different methods, quite effective and easy to use.

Age of the problem: not only after forty!

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a widespread problem even among young and active intimate men, and at the age after 40 years up to 50% of men suffer from it from time to time or over a long enough period. This indicates that this pathology has a medical, social and psychological significance.Male potency is a complex mechanism that is influenced by both somatic and infectious diseases, as well as mental factors. The causes of ED at any age can be:

  • organic (when there are problems in the structure and functioning of the sexual organ),
  • psychogenic (when the problem is psychological)
  • iatrogenic (when it is the result of medication or other treatment).

In addition to the presence of chronic diseases, metabolic disorders and hormonal imbalances in a man, the potency also suffers due to lifestyle. Factors like drinking, smoking and chronic stress add to the problem.

Eliminate the disease!

If the problem has arisen, especially if it is the most “combat-worthy” age of a man, you should not postpone it indefinitely, you should contact your urologist or andrologist to find out the true causes and prescription of treatment. In the latter, significant progress has been made to date , and in many cases the problem is quickly resolved. If the cause is urological diseases or infections, they are treated – and everything returns to normal, although sometimes you have to resort to some special drugs. Over the past 20-30 years, much has been clarified in the physiology of penis erection, which allows us to actively develop and introduce new modern   medication to eliminate ED. Today, there are many tools that can effectively treat the problems of erection without surgery.

When and who needs medicine?

The discovery of drugs of the fifth type phosphodiesterase inhibitor group (the famous Viagra and its analogues) was practically revolutionary . The drugs showed high efficacy, they were used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in young and elderly men with different types of pathologies. But in some patients with difficult cases of ED, this group of drugs was ineffective. In addition, drugs have a considerable cost, and not all patients can afford treatment by them. And the most unpleasant for the group of these drugs was the presence of undesirable side effects and reactions, especially in those men over 50 years old and who have heart and vascular diseases. The preparations required taking before sexual intercourse, and psychological and physiological dependence developed in relation to them, which led to annoying “misfires”. And this fact was used by many companies manufacturing dietary supplements and food additives, promising to correct the potency without the “chemistry”.

Will dietary supplements help to return male power?

In antiquity they knew about the ability of some natural substances, both plant and animal, to increase man’s strength, but when synthetic chemical compounds appeared, plant substances faded into the background as less effective. They began to be talked about again when there were many shortcomings in synthetic drugs.

On the background of drugs, dietary supplements seem to not cause the effect of addiction and “withdrawal syndrome.” As manufacturers promise, such substances are relatively safe – their molecules have a more physiological effect, while they practically do not give side effects, except for individual intolerance. They are permissible to use both in isolation and in combination with other drugs, and they are cheaper than synthetic drugs with current efficacy. However, manufacturers   Dietary supplements   often cunning, if not more.

With regard to many dietary supplements, we can say that they are not well understood in terms of action, efficacy and safety, with respect to others – that their composition includes chemicals ( sildenafil , tadalafil ) to ensure a more rapid effect. At the same time, only the plant composition is stated in the accompanying documentation, and it is modestly silent about the addition of these components. The use of such ostensibly completely plant complexes by men with a certain load of serious metabolic and chronic diseases can lead to undesirable and unpredictable side effects.Especially such drugs are dangerous for hypertensive patients and men with diabetes.