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5 problems in sex in which a woman is not exactly to blame – Effective ED treatment

Women are prone to self-flagellation. If something went wrong with sex, most of us will blame ourselves, look for where and what have I done / said / thought to spoil everything. A woman will begin to apologize, pretend to orgasm, console a man and make excuses to him … Although in reality sex is a new event, and the responsibility for the quality of performance and result lies at least for two.

Premature Ejaculation

Just started – immediately finished. Or did not even have time to start. The basis of this embarrassment may lie both physiological and psycho-emotional factors. If sex is irregular, with large periods of downtime and waiting, then at the first opportunity the body can react with a violent surge. If you lived together, the probability of such an outcome would be small. But if you only occasionally meet, having found a couple of hours between planning meetings, training, training, internships and other important matters, then a woman, even very skilled in sex, can hardly correct the situation. A man may, but for this he needs to work – both on his own body, and on the schedule of meetings. Ejaculation can accelerate and poorly selected posture. With accelerated ejaculation, these are those dominated by men. The psycho-emotional factor of premature ejaculation is usually associated with stress, depression, fear of sexual failure … These problems are better for a man with a psychologist or sexologist.

No man has an orgasm

Men love to demonstrate such a trick – to restrain the approaching orgasm, using various techniques. Someone once told them that only marathon runners capable of performing frictions for three hours in a row are considered cool macho. What a woman is no joy, a man does not particularly care: the main thing is to demonstrate his endurance. But to remain after such a marathon without a reward is already insulting! But naturally. He held back too long until the fuse dried up. Good breathing does not guarantee constant excitement. And no excitement – no discharge.

Here, apparently, it is necessary to explain to a man that the more carefully you caress a woman before the start of sexual intercourse, the less frictions then you will have to make before you achieve mutual pleasure. And consequently, than to demonstrate “holding techniques”, it would be better to pay more attention to preliminary caresses.

You have no orgasm

Difficulties with orgasm occur in most modern women. This is not accepted (politically incorrect), but the female orgasm is not provided by nature: there is no evolutionary sense in it, the probability of conception does not depend on it. Female orgasm is a purely human, civilizational phenomenon, conditioned rationally and emotionally. Even with proper stimulation of the clitoris, a woman will not receive a discharge if she does not emotionally tune into her.

And how tune, if you have a lot of household chores, children are sick, cursed the head? To weave extraneous thoughts out of your head, you need a quality foreplay. And also – the man’s readiness to share household chores and care for children with you. But if you have time to feel that your husband loves you, is ready to care, protect and caress, then you can tune in to sex and get an orgasm. In this case, a lot depends on the man!

You are afraid of anal sex

90% of women just the thought of anal sex inspires fear. For them, anal sex is a pain. And for that you definitely should not apologize! Let a man try and persistently convince you that this kind of sex can be pleasant. Spontaneous anal sex does not happen. To him it is necessary to prepare. Men need to remember that before this important event requires a good prelude and high-quality thoughtful massage of the anal sphincter. A man should learn the theory and learn that frictions in anal sex are very different from classical genital ones. Webinars and trainings to help him! Here you will learn to convince with business – then you will try.

You need more (or less) sex than a partner

Sexual appetite in humans depends on the sexual constitution, which is laid at the genetic level. The sexual constitution is strong, medium, weak. Usually, difficulties do not arise when there are partners with the same constitution or even with a discrepancy of one degree (strong-medium, medium-weak). It is difficult for those couples where one of the partners has a strong need for sex, and the other has a weak one. One wants sex in the mornings and evenings, the other – on Saturdays, and even then not every week. As a result, it seems to one that he is always deprived of his, to another, that he is always forced to do so. And then no one is to blame: it is nature, and you will not correct it.

However, it happens that a partner with a low sexual constitution becomes a manipulator: not needing sex, he gives “access to his body” as a reward for good behavior, for gifts, for obedience – as a result, the second is always forced to beg, apologize and feel guilty and punished. But this only works until a partner with a strong constitution finds another source of pleasure.