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Jerusalem artichoke syrup in nutrition: the benefits and harm – Effective ED treatment

Ground pear or Jerusalem artichoke is a useful root vegetable, unfortunately, still undervalued by the Russians. In North America, in the homeland of the plant, it is not for nothing that it is called the “Sun Root”. In the diet, an unusual product can be used in a variety of ways – in raw or processed thermally, in the form of flour from a root crop, syrup. Healing sugar substitute is suitable even for diabetics. Syrup from Jerusalem artichoke fits perfectly into proper nutrition, and yet it can and should be used for weight loss.

The composition of the syrup, secrets of use in nutrition

It is curious that in different countries Jerusalem artichoke give different names. For example, in the East it is called “Chinese potato”, in European countries – “Jerusalem artichoke”, in Russia – not only an “earthen pear”, but also a “wild sunflower”. The composition of syrup from Jerusalem artichoke contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. Especially in it there are a lot of vitamins C, PP, group B. The product is rich in organic acids, dietary fiber and not only. A tasty liquid concentrate contains a lot of carbohydrates, more than 70% of them are in inulin, which has a sweetish taste. It gives the fluid a special taste.

Syrup has an amber color, so it is easy to recognize on the shelves of supermarkets. The concentrate is made without the use of sugar, in its composition there is no fructose. Lemon juice gives a slight sourness to the product. It serves as a preservative in topinambour syrup.

You can use the syrup without fear. It is not recommended to include liquid concentrate in the diet only if there is an individual intolerance to the components of its composition. Also a contraindication is the tendency to flatulence, since the product may cause increased gas formation. The composition is not suitable for people suffering from cholelithiasis.

In the proper diet, diabetic diet unusual liquid is used in various ways. As a rule – to replace sugar in drinks, sweeten any dishes. The gift of nature can be consumed daily. If desired, you can buy it in the finished form in the store or do it yourself. To do this, just carefully chop the Jerusalem artichoke tubers, squeeze the juice out of them, and then boil the syrup until it thickens. At the final stage of preparation of the concentrate, lemon juice is poured into the mixture. Ready syrup should be stored in the refrigerator so that it does not lose its valuable properties.

The benefits of topinambur syrup in proper nutrition

Jerusalem artichoke syrup is a useful sweetener. The product has a high nutritional value, its properties are numerous:

  • Anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Stimulation of digestion, normalization of metabolism.
  • Improving the cardiovascular system.
  • Blood pressure stabilization.
  • Decreased blood sugar levels.
  • Normalization of water balance in the body.
  • Lower cholesterol.
  • Reducing acidity in the stomach, eliminating heartburn.
  • Restorative effect, enhancing immune protection.
  • Increased working capacity with high intellectual loads.

It is important that the syrup with the original taste gives a person energy, strengthens   immunity   and helps to cope with chronic fatigue. The product is recommended for the prevention of obesity, metabolic disorders. And men will appreciate this gift of nature due to the fact that the sweet concentrate contributes to the preservation of healthy potency.

Liquid concentrate can be used in the diet of adults and children. Syrup may be introduced into the infant ration at an early age, along with the first supplements. It’s all about the rich composition of the product, because it contains calcium, necessary for the development of bone tissue. But the kids need to use syrup from earthen pear need in a small dosage. At first it is only 1-2 drops, then the amount can be reduced to ½ tsp. And only when the child becomes older, it is allowed to drink 1-2 teaspoon of treats per day. Syrup from Jerusalem artichoke is a proven prebiotic, so it is recommended to use it for any problems with digestion. For example, constipation.

In the proper diet to enter the product is because it is made exclusively from natural raw materials. There is nothing superfluous in its composition. But in order for the liquid of saturated color to bring only health benefits, it is important to choose the right sweetener. In the composition of high-quality syrup should be present only water, the Jerusalem artichoke itself and lemon juice. It is worth paying attention to the amount of fiber present in the concentrate. The optimal rate is at least 50-60%.

How to use earthen pear syrup for weight loss

Earthen pear syrup will easily replace sugar, honey and other sweets in the process of dealing with extra pounds. Slimming with healing liquid will be tasty and comfortable. The great advantage of the syrup is its low glycemic index. Among non-synthetic sweeteners, it is the smallest, GL – 15. Also, without fear you can include the product in   nutrition due to its low calorie content, 100 g of liquid concentrate contains only 267 kcal. Of course, this does not mean that Jerusalem artichoke syrup, when used in large quantities, will not be deposited in fat. However, a moderate intake of beneficial substances will bring maximum benefits in the fight against obesity.

To improve weight loss, it is necessary to completely replace sugar with syrup. And if the sweet product is so not used, you can enter the concentrate in the food as a useful additive to the diet to reduce appetite. To do this, drink liquid in a small amount an hour before the main meal in the mornings and evenings. One tsp is enough. Drink syrup is daily, course reception should be at least 15 days.

Sweetening syrup from Jerusalem artichoke can porridge and desserts, add it to pastries or jam. The substitute will stimulate   losing weight if you drink green tea , herbal tea or plain water, milk, kefir. When drinking coffee concentrate, it is recommended to sweeten the invigorating drink.Spicy taste liquid amber color will give dairy products – cottage cheese, yogurt. For weight loss, choose low-calorie dishes for sweetening.