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Scientists have proved: jealous men are the best lovers – Effective ED treatment

Research scientists have shown that jealousy enhances male potency.
It turns out to make his chosen one jealous – only for the benefit of his sexual health. These conclusions were made by scientists from the University of Liverpool after long-term observations of the behavior of several species of animals and insects, which are characterized by monogamous relations. The experts explained that those males who feel a competitor are experiencing strong excitement, provoking not only an open fight for the female, but also an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse with her almost twice. In this way, the male tries to protect his partner from being fertilized by another male, which means that jealousy is the feeling that enhances his reproductive abilities.

The researchers argue that this model of relationships applies to people: it is the feeling of jealousy and competition caused by the chosen one that best mobilizes the sexual abilities of the male representatives. So, women who want to turn their attention and arouse greater sexual interest to themselves should be more likely to provoke these feelings in their beloved, even in a playful form, forcing him to be jealous of himself more often.

Interestingly, women’s jealousy, in turn, has a completely opposite effect: those of the weaker sex, who often experience excitement for their chosen one, caused by competition, lose not only the ability to think adequately, but also to see what the next experiment of scientists has proven.