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Sports nutrition and potency – which foods are dangerous for an athlete – Effective ED treatment

Everyone wants to get a beautiful athletic figure with muscular muscles through the least effort – such is the nature of human nature. And it seems that in the twenty-first century there can be no problems with this – after all, dozens of sports nutrition manufacturers offer their products and assure that with its application it is enough to strain a little and sometimes in the gym and the effect will be very quick and significant. Modern advertising of sports nutrition sometimes even claims that there is just enough of it and “the muscles will grow on their own.”  

However, not all men , even those who are professionally engaged in bodybuilding and other types of power sports, run to special stores for sports nutrition. For the most part, this is due to the fact that, according to popular belief, these products adversely affect the work of one of the most important body systems for men – reproductive. Simply put, surely everyone has heard that eating sports nutrition causes problems with potency, and sooner or later even leads to the development of infertility and impotence. Is it really? Are all these athletes, being the dream of many women, useless for the same women? 

Consider the composition of classic sports nutrition – there are many types of it that can be divided into several groups – proteins, carbohydrate-protein mixtures (gainers), fat burners, vitamins, amino acids, and hormonal preparations. Of all these types of sports nutrition, only hormonal drugs can affect potency. The essence of their action is a direct or indirect increase in the level of the main anabolic (stimulating tissue growth) hormone of the body – testosterone. This steroid hormone is also the main male sex hormone, in particular, it is its effect that explains the presence of hair on the face of men, a low voice, figure shape and many other indicators of the male body. He also regulates sexual function.   

When taking drugs or sports nutrition containing testosterone, the muscles really grow “like yeast.” However, at the same time, endocrine disorders occur in the body – cells that normally secrete testosterone (cells of the testes and adrenal glands) begin to stop working first, and then die. In this regard, the body begins to work only due to testosterone coming from outside. When you stop taking drugs or sports nutrition in the body, there is a shortage of this hormone, the very first and characteristic symptom of which is a violation of potency. 

If such sports nutrition is so harmful for the male body, then why release it at all? But small doses of testosterone can really be very useful for an athlete, especially a beginner, just the main thing is not to overdo it and refuse it correctly – do not abruptly stop using such sports nutrition, but gradually reduce the amount of the drug taken over the course of a month. This will allow the body to smoothly switch to independent testosterone synthesis and prevent the development of symptoms of its deficiency, including impaired potency.  

Most other types of sports nutrition consist of the usual components of our food, but in an enriched and more easily digestible form. Naturally, wholesome food can in no way affect potency, much less negatively. However, a number of athletes noted that after the start of the use of a particular sports nutrition, they observed erectile dysfunction. Potency disorders associated with the use of sports products that do not affect the hormonal background can be caused by several reasons:  

– Rumors about the dangers of sports nutrition have so flooded the information field that a number of athletes, even when using harmless products, are sure that they affect potency. And indeed such problems arise. Here we can talk about the so-called “placebo effect” or auto-suggestion – problems with potency arise because a person strongly believes in it. In some cases, the help of a therapist is needed to correct this condition;  

– In some proteins or carbohydrate-protein mixtures, soy protein is used . According to recent data, it contains a small amount of phytoestrogens – plant analogues of female sex hormones. With the large use of such a protein, it is possible to develop erectile dysfunction, which pass soon after the abolition of sports nutrition or its replacement with other types of protein – whey protein, for example. It is better not to use sports nutrition with soy protein at all.   

– Some cheap types of sports nutrition are created and produced in violation of certain technologies, which leads to an increased content of harmful substances in these products – protein breakdown products and salts of heavy metals. The use of such products leads to general intoxication of the body and to impaired potency in particular;  

– Most often, sports nutrition in general has nothing to do with problems with potency in an athlete. Against the background of hard training, an incorrectly drawn up daily routine, the development of overtraining is possible, one of the symptoms of which is erectile dysfunction.  

In general, it can be said that sports nutrition affects potency in the same way as drugs and ordinary foods – if you use quality products correctly, then there will be no problems.