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Anal sex: a man in passive – Effective ED treatment

Sexual relationships in which you are ready to exchange roles with a man are impossible until you figure out all the stereotypes regarding roles in sex and the limits of what is permissible. If for you to dominate in bed – a perversion, it is better not to read this article yet.

A few years ago, fun factory marketers figured out how many strap-ons they sold in Russia. The figure impressed: about 100,000 pieces per year. Despite the fact that, firstly, strap-ons from Bremen are unlikely to compete in terms of cheapness with similar toys from other manufacturers. And secondly, it is believed that Russia is a terribly conservative country, in which the male ass is a “sacred cow” that no one dares to touch.

Who needs strapons

It would be a mistake to assume that strapons are bought mainly by gays (who in Russia are better off prudently silent). Homosexual men just do without additional funds. Perhaps some of these purchases were made by lesbian couples. However, they often acquire dildos and vibrators, as well as clitoral stimulants (many female couples do not need penetrating sex). A single woman would rather spend on an expensive vibrator for herself than on a strapon for a similar amount. So we are almost sure that the vast majority of these toys were designed specifically for heterosexual couples. This version was confirmed when it was discovered that very often on Russian dating sites men are looking for straponess, moreover      
  without any BDSM context. And the same applies to the huge number of announcements from priestesses of love who have begun to massively offer this very expensive service to Russian men. That is, there is no question of homosexuality. A change of roles is simply a search for a different experience. We can only guess about the real number of Russian men who have already tried taking anal sex or are ready for this experiment.  

About fears and male physiology

Our heads are filled with stamps. We understand that men do not have the same physiology as ours, and somewhere we are even ready to admit that sometimes a man can afford not to be active in bed.

But when it comes to completely exposing feelings and abandoning the usual roles, we begin to torment ourselves with questions: “Is it normal that I want him wrong?”, “Is he not a pervert?”, “What if I Is it a secret pervert? ”We hope the statistics dispel your fears. According to the results of various studies, at least 30% of heterosexual couples have experience of anal sex (moreover, in about half the cases, a man plays a host role). About 60% of women and 95% of men can be brought to orgasm using anal stimulation. In the end, prostate massage is available only through the rectum – the prostate does not have any “exits to the surface”. However, you should not immediately make such proposals to your husband: not everyone will be happy with such an idea. Talk to your man to find out what exactly he wants and what he is afraid of, which is unacceptable to him in sex. And try something new with him in bed, focusing on the reactions of his body. Think about the values ​​from which your husband’s worldview is formed. If he makes rude jokes about anal-genital topics, he sees the knee-elbow pose as a way of humiliation, and visiting a proctologist, shaving armpits and manicures seem to be actions unworthy of a “real man”, then forget about changing roles in bed once and for all. And do not even stutter on this topic if your husband is dear to you and you want to keep him. If his value system at least sometimes contradicts the stereotypes of a “real peasant,” then be prepared to get your husband everything without a trace.

How to make an indecent offer

Corrupt a man must be phased. You can start with the simplest thing : giving him a blowjob, simultaneously massage the area between the testicles and the anus, approaching it, but not touching it. Next time, be bolder: take the risk of stroking and massaging the area of ​​the anus itself without entering it.  

In the third stage, during oral sex, when a man is aroused, take care of his anus. Just sacrifice manicure and don’t forget about the grease! And yes: do not tell him about it! Just deepen your finger into its anus and feel for the prostate. Continuing the blowjob and pressing on the prostate, you will give him a fantastic orgasm .. Before you dare to switch roles, check with your husband if the use of toys is acceptable for him, is he ready for this? It is one thing to enjoy yourself, but quite another – to appear in front of your man with a vibrator at the ready. If you are ready, feel free to go together to a sex shop. He himself will stop at the window with toys and choose what he wants. For example, a beltless strapon or an anal pulsator. All you now need is to create an atmosphere and mood for the game, in which there will be no place for complexes, bashfulness, hypocrisy. And again: despite all the assurances that the modern man is alien to stereotypes, still do not rush to put your husband in a knee-elbow pose. A man feels more humiliated from a pose than from the very fact of anal sex. The missionary + vibrator, or the missionary + erection ring with butt plug is a completely innocent beginning. Fun Factory collected reviews of women who purchased strap-on. And this is what they usually say: “This is an amazing feeling when a man fully reveals himself to you, trusts you. This is a very precious gift, he gives you himself without a trace. Only then I realized that a man is a whole world, and we women constantly forget about it. ” Or like this: “My partner is a strong, intelligent, held person in life … When I entered him for the first time, he was very embarrassed. And after a while I heard the words that any woman dreams of: “I’m all yours from the top of my head to my fingertips …” And sex with him became the most amazing erotic experience. “