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Computer and its effect on male potency – Effective ED treatment

Question: “Does the electromagnetic radiation of a computer affect male potency?” – rather, from the series “Is there life on Mars?” The answer may be the well-known phrase: “This is unknown to science!” Of course, a certain dose of radiation from the screen and the system unit can adversely affect the endocrine system and overall health, but you should not blame the computer for impotence. In general, such a disease – “potency” or its absence, no. So, before starting treatment, it would be nice to find out what exactly to treat.

Psychological comfort in the family, social conditions can cause a man to feel unwell, as well as winter fishing and problems with his kidneys, bladder or inflammation of the prostate. Maybe you need not a urologist, but a psychologist, an increase in salary and a smart wife. As for the computer, a sedentary office lifestyle has not added anyone to health. Including in the sexual sphere. Pelvic congestion can cause prostate dysfunction. Especially if the ill-fated chair at the computer helps beer and “snacks.” Obesity and alcohol are not the best friends for a real man.

Leech treatment of urological diseases is an ancient, tested and effective method. Of course, to admit a not so pleasant animal in the intimate zone is somewhat scary. However, practice shows that the psychological barrier is removed after the first session. Speaking specifically about prostate disease or prostate adenoma, then such causes as microcirculation disorder, impaired venous blood outflow and local immunodeficiency are successfully resolved using hirudotherapy. After a treatment session with leeches, blood flow normalizes. The leech works like a drainage system, helps the body cope with the infection in case of inflammation, improves the secretory activity of the gland. With chronic prostatitis, significant improvements are noted, discomfort and pain disappear.

About five or more leeches at a time are used for treatment. The session ends, as with any other disease, when the leech falls off by itself. Well-fed and satisfied. In the treatment of urological diseases, five to eight sessions are carried out with interruptions of two to three days. In consolation, we can say that even if the reason lies in neurosis, stress and a quarrel with a loved one, leeches will not hurt. They have no contraindications and this is their undoubted advantage.