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In bed with the enemy: sex for which everyone will blame you – Effective ED treatment

Sex with a married man, a boss man, a man who is 10 years younger – what’s there, even five years old, sex with an ex-girlfriend – God forbid you plunge into such a relationship. Be sure – only the lazy one will not drive the rink, then to ride on it according to your reputation.

A hundred years ago, the question was not at all like that. Any sex, except that for procreation, was severely censured by society. Only after the wedding, only under the covers and preferably without unnecessary gestures. It seems that now it has become clear to everyone that sex for a woman can be joy, pleasure and, strictly speaking, a purely personal matter. But no. And you will understand this when you get involved in certain types of relationships. It will immediately turn out that society is still ready to condemn and blame you. 

Sex with a married

Innocent he, she herself came. In the eyes of society, a family man who put on suspenders more beautifully and went to the left is just a limp victim of circumstances. And here is the despicable sissy who took the horse from the matrimonial stall – a collection of all kinds of vices, a nest raider and an immoral person. And her hair color is probably unnatural. 

Even friends should not wait for support. The best people in your environment will look at you sympathetically and hint that you have sawdust in your head. Given the unfavorable prognosis of such novels, they will be right.

Sex with the boss

Even if it’s a big love, even if you studied with him at the same university and built your eyes, even if the whole company consists of three people – you, the boss and the aunt cleaner Aunt Zina – all the same. You are probably mediocre and make your way to the career peaks through bed. From this moment on, all your achievements, all income and purchases will bear the label “I have fallen in love”. 

Sex with a subordinate

Even if see above. The boss who flirts with the one who is a step below her is a vaudeville character, a caricature hunter-panther, who must have forced the unfortunate guy to communicate, threatening to deprive him of his quarterly premium and voluntary health insurance policy.  

He is your ex

After the passions subside and you realize that you really broke up with your friends, there will certainly be a temptation to shake the old days. Especially after a couple of glasses of prosecco. Especially if the personal life is still not getting better. You are not the first to fall into this trap. If you split up once, then entering the second round will not end in anything good, just don’t count on the sympathy and understanding of others around you. Those who wiped your tears after the first break of diplomatic relations, this time will joke about a rake and with all appearance show that they do not take your suffering seriously. 

He is a former girlfriend

Here, for sure, do not wait for mercy. There will be no one by your side. It’s good if your mutual friends are people of the broadest views. Then after such a demarche you will not be left to say hello. But just say hello – you can no longer count on a warm relationship. A woman has not yet been born who, having survived a breakup with a man, sincerely blesses his romance with her close friend. You can get involved in such a story only if it is love – and moreover, such that you burn everything with fire, it’s not a pity. And nobody – a friend too.

He is much younger

Another reliable and proven way to make yourself a laughing stock. Suppose you are only 27, but if he is 19, you will still become Stifler’s lustful mom for everyone. Be sure that the enemies behind you are already betting, when the boy sees his light and realizes that you are not a sixteen-year-old pink bud. Friends also bet, just bet that you will play enough and let the child go back to the sandbox. But take this relationship seriously? No, do not wait.

He is much older

You will hear a lot of interesting things. Old men are “fu.” Surely he is sitting on the Viagra. Surely he pays you. Surely he has insanity and gout. Surely you are aiming for an inheritance. A little more – and you will walk him in a wheelchair. It is very strange to feel like the demon in the rib (especially if you are 30, and he, say, 45), but you have to.

He is not a man at all

In the sense that it is a woman. If all other options are fraught with ridicule, pursed lips and notations, then sex with a girl can ruin your life seriously. Even people who have not been seen before in the dropsy of the brain will consider it their duty to inform you that they are not opposed, but just do not leave the house and do not even remind them what abomination you are doing. As if you really need their blessing. It could be worse – there have been cases when people in a similar situation had to change jobs, city and country, lose friends, parents and illusions about the 21st century and the triumph of humanism in the yard. But another turn is also possible – a certain category of men, on the contrary, will be imbued with obvious sympathy for you and will try to prove that you have come to such a life only because you did not have a good man. It would be better to condemn, honestly.