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Top 5 products that no man can resist – Effective ED treatment

The history of aphrodisiacs – substances that stimulate desire, or, in other words, sexual arousal, – goes back to deep antiquity. What products can today diversify the menu to stimulate the attraction of men?

It has long been used in India as aphrodisiacs used oils of ylang-ylang, sage and sandalwood. But in ancient Greece, olive oil was actively used. By the way, even the word “aphrodisiac” came to us from Hellas – it comes from the Greek word “love”. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers washed their hair with a decoction of lovage, the scent of which helped men regain their strength and desire. Wise women still use aphrodisiacs to make love dishes to their chosen ones. Read the article and learn how to diversify the menu.

Celery. Celery contains a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which help to maintain the male potency. They also contain folic acid, which is necessary for both women and men – it affects fertility and is indispensable for conception. In order to prepare a salad with celery for a snack, it takes only five minutes: mix the grated celery root with chopped apple and grapes, season with lemon juice or yogurt.

Ginger. In limited doses, ginger root works as a sexual energetic, stimulating blood flow to the sexual organ and increasing erection. Ginger contains vitamins A, C, as well as valuable amino acids that energize the night ahead. Also, physicians of the famous Salerno school in Italy recommended eating ginger in order to remain young and strong longer. Home ginger drink has an excellent taste: peel and slice the ginger, add a few slices of lemon, pour boiling water and leave for 7-8 hours. Before serving, add a spoonful of honey and ice.

Scallop. In the culture of Asian countries, this product is one of the most important methods for increasing potency. Scientists have confirmed that scallops, like other seafood, have a high protein content and beneficial nutrients, namely zinc, which improves men’s health. Fresh, properly cooked scallops have the most tender and very tasty soft meat. And for a romantic dinner, you can choose, for example, scallops, baked in the sink.

Eggs.Top 5 products that no man can resist Protein-rich chicken eggs for men’s health are recommended to be consumed raw. It is believed that if you drink one egg daily, there will be no problems with potency. True, the product must be chosen very carefully – rely only on environmentally friendly village eggs. The most popular recipe for using raw eggs is eggnog. Beaten egg yolks, pounded with vanilla sugar and mixed with a teaspoon of rum or brandy, will be an excellent aperitif before a romantic dinner.

Nuts and honey. A simple dessert perfectly completes dinner with an erotic accent. Nuts can be used different. For example, in the Middle Ages, Arabs ate enriched with proteins and vitamins of almonds in front of love joys – they were sure that this nut increases potency. Walnuts and pine nuts to cope with this task as well. Honey will be not only tasty, but also a very useful dressing – it also causes sexual desire in men and has a beneficial effect on the work of their urinogenital system.

Carried away by causative products, do not forget that the most powerful of the existing aphrodisiacs is the “smell of a woman” that affects men at the subconscious level. Aromas that affect sexual attractiveness are called pheromones. They begin to be produced by the body from the moment of puberty, often at this very time there is an intoxicating feeling of first love. Under the influence of various factors, both physical and emotional, the development of a unique, own “perfume” can change. For example, at the time of ovulation (the middle of the menstrual cycle), the natural aroma of a woman becomes most attractive to men. But the smell of a woman who has problems with the balance of sex hormones, on the contrary, can be repulsive. Since a person cannot feel his own aroma, unfortunately, it is impossible to catch such subtle changes in the balance of pheromones.