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How to return male power? – Effective ED treatment

Most often, men are referred to an andrologist with erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the violation of potency is concerned not with grandfathers and respectable uncles, but with young people of 22-24 years .

Patient portrait

Previously, problems with sexual function in men appeared between the ages of 40 and 45, when problems with the prostate gland began. The modern average andrologist patient is 22-24 years old. Why is this happening? There are many reasons, but first of all, the potency violation is associated with excessive consumption of alcohol, and first of all beer. “A person thinks: think, drank one bottle per week. But, firstly, it’s one and a half liters of alcohol, and secondly, this is not malt at all, but a synthetic product of very doubtful quality. Beer alcoholism and its consequences for the body – it’s scary! ”- says the doctor. He sees this in his own practice, when young impotent men come to the reception. Another risk factor is a sedentary lifestyle. Despite the rapid rhythm, we stopped moving. The office – a car-sofa – this is the vicious circle of a young man. But if there is no physical exertion, the body will inevitably fail, hormonal problems will begin to accumulate, which means that a violation of potency is inevitable. By the way, extra weight is the enemy of good sex. And so much they do not like each other, that the more extra pounds you have, the less sex.

An important factor in erection problems is psychological. Stress is bad. The more you are nervous, the more problems you have in bed. Learn to be distracted and relax, even if at work a complete job. Abraham will pass, and with it the ability to satisfy women’s whims. And you need to relax so as not to harm your health – alcohol and cigarettes should go to the background. Are you angry and upset? Develop aggression and heavy thoughts on a treadmill or pool. The doctor knows what to advise, he himself is a candidate master of sports in combat sambo, athletics and skiing.

Problem rating

According to Dr. Shaimardanov , the most common problem for Chelyabinsk men is erectile dysfunction. In second place is prostatitis. And he is getting younger every year, today 18-year-old boys are also susceptible to this disease. The third place is occupied by genital infections, many of which leave an indelible mark on the body, especially if there are several of them at once. Rustam Shaimardanov graduated with honors from the famous St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy, worked for three years in St. Petersburg and never ceases to be surprised that many South Ural citizens do not even know who this andrologist is. They know they don’t know that men need to be referred to this specialist once every six months, like a gynecologist by women, even if nothing bothers you. And if there are problems, you need to be monitored constantly and donate blood every 6 to 7 months to determine the level of hormones. A young couple from Kurgan region comes to the clinic for an appointment. The wife complains of a violation of the potency of her husband, and he is only 24 years old, a bit early. The guy drinks, but the spouses have no other complaints. After the conversation, the doctor sends them to the laboratory to be tested. After lunch, with ready-made studies, they again came to the reception. “I looked at the tests and was horrified: both have a whole“ bouquet ”- a gonococcal infection, syphilis … And people live for themselves and do not complain about anything, – says the doctor. – And this is not a unique case, in the villages it is a terrible scourge, a huge number of all kinds of sexually transmitted infections that are not treated for years and, of course, lead to impotence.

In the sex shop and pharmacy

When a man has a sexual failure, he should, without delay, go to the andrologist. He first goes to the pharmacy or sex shop and self-medicates. This is completely wrong! Miracle pills that pump blood in one particular direction are now a great many, but they give a temporary effect without solving the problem, but they defeat the entire body. Each time, their dosage will have to be increased, and a moment will come when medicines will cease to help. It’s like a broken ruler in half — you can’t put it back together. It is necessary to involve a therapist, endocrinologist, and other specialists in order to regulate the imbalance of the whole organism. And the longer a man does not go to the doctor, the longer he will have to undergo treatment in order to regain male power. And each such case is individual: one has a whole complex of problems, another has a wrong way of life, the third has emotional experiences, and everyone has different reasons. There can be no scheme, standard, you need to collect a detailed history and only then begin to correct the state.

The wife led the hand

Men rarely come to the doctor themselves. Basically they are sent or brought by the hand of his wife or girlfriend. A strong sex shy, resists, explaining impotence by age, fatigue, problems at work. At the reception a 50-year-old married couple. My wife complains that for three or four months they have problems in bed. When the husband and the doctor are left alone, it turns out that all this has been going on for more than a year.

“I must immediately say that the age of sexual activity is not a hindrance,” emphasizes Rustam Shaimardanov . – There are quite a lot of men who in 60 – 70 years old satisfy their partners. But if the number of sexual acts that you committed is less, sex no longer attracts you, you need to see a doctor. By the way, I advised a very competent 78-year-old patient who was concerned that he could three times a night before, and now only two. Prolonged abstinence for more than 10 to 14 days is harmful at any age and leads to inflammation of the prostate gland, the doctor believes. If there is a beloved woman next to you, and you have a headache again, this is the first bell.  
Do not fool yourself, listen to your body! Symptoms such as discomfort in the perineum, worsening of urination, nocturnal urge, indicate: you must first go to a reception with an andrologist.