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Male Potency: How to Increase It with Nutrition – Effective ED treatment

For men, their male potency is very important. The slightest doubt in their sexual solvency knocks them out of the rut, although apparently they do not show it. Sexual function depends on many reasons: lifestyle, health, proper nutrition, etc.

Health and male libido

Men’s health is inextricably linked with his sexual function. If the representative of the stronger sex is healthy, his organs work normally, and the male potency is at a high level. And when health problems begin, in most cases this is reflected in potency.

According to studies, the representatives of the stronger sex, leading a regular sex life with one partner, live longer than those who often change ties and do not disdain casual relationships. For full sexual intercourse, not only physical pleasure, but also moral satisfaction is important. In this case, not only the physical, but also the spiritual and emotional sphere is involved. Their combination affects the whole person and gives intimate   relationship   special depth.

According to some experts, it is especially important to have regular intercourse after forty years. If at this age there are big breaks, male potency can go into decline. Here, as in any physically active actions, constant “training” is needed, otherwise the function of the organ may begin to fade, degrade. At the age of twenty, breaks do not play a decisive role, and after forty years they may be the cause of the development of impotence. Regular intercourse improves the work of an important organ – the prostate. Therefore, they can be considered prevention against the occurrence of prostatitis.

There is also an opinion that is not supported by scientific studies that the lack of permanent sexual life leads to hormonal imbalance. It adversely affects the health of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, and liver. The nervous system also undergoes negative changes, the character of a man worsens, becomes grumbling, obscene. However, this is not characteristic of all the representatives of the stronger sex.

Male potency as a factor in the preservation of family relationships

When a man starts having problems with erectile function, a crack appears in family relationships, both sides suffer from it.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

According to doctors, 10% of men who have stepped over the 40-year mark show signs of erectile dysfunction (that is, they have problems with erection). The symptoms of this phenomenon are:

  • It is more difficult to achieve an erection.
  • Erection partial, member does not reach full hardness.
  • Sensations during intercourse are weakened.
  • During intercourse, an erection decreases.
  • Sexual intercourse is delayed, a man for a long time can not reach orgasm.

If there are such changes, you should consult a doctor (although men do not like to do this). Otherwise, impotence may develop over time.

In some cases, the ability to sexual life can last up to 80 years, or even longer. But in most cases, after 60 years, it decreases significantly, sometimes disappearing altogether. True, in this regard, all individually.

Causes of extinction of potency

Experts can not come to a common opinion about the causes of extinction of male potency at a relatively young age. However, a number of reasons are still clear. First of all, this change in the composition of the blood: it becomes more dense, it increases the amount of cholesterol. This leads to malfunction of the vascular system. In particular, due to excessive blood viscosity, small vessels can become blocked. As a result, the work of vessels feeding the penis is hampered.

Another reason is a decrease in the elasticity of the vascular tissues, as well as a deterioration in the ability of the heart muscle to contract.

Further, the blood supply to the brain is deteriorating, so the speed of reaction to stimuli is reduced. A man is unable to get quickly excited and then maintain a high level of erection.

A decrease in the elasticity of muscles and tendons is also observed. This is also a consequence of the deteriorated blood supply. As a result, a man can not conduct full sexual intercourse.

Who is at risk

For example, representatives of the stronger sex, who plunged into the work and constantly think about it. In this case, the level of testosterone decreases, which leads to problems with male potency.

Also, those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, do not get out of the computer. Permanent sitting leads to physical inactivity and adversely affects the functions of the body.

The third risk group is people who are in emotional stress all the time: businessmen, managers, etc.

How to avoid erectile dysfunction? First of all, you need to monitor the level of cholesterol in the blood. If it is high, it is necessary to change the food system, exclude products, causing its increase.

Next, start playing sports, lead an active lifestyle. Exercise normalizes blood composition.

And, of course, it is necessary to establish proper nutrition, positively affecting the health and male potency.

Nutrition that affects male power

AT   nutrition, enhancing erectile function, the most important element are animal proteins. First of all, it is meat of different varieties. For the stronger sex it is a vital product, as it provides the production of the main hormone – testosterone. Animal protein is also required for sperm production. Therefore, in the diet, first of all, it is necessary to include beef, lamb, pork, veal, liver, chicken, turkey, etc.

Male food is unthinkable without fish, mostly fatty varieties. It contains essential polyunsaturated fatty acids.   omega-3   and omega-6, which prevent cholesterol formation. The most useful varieties include salmon, trout, halibut, catfish, chum salmon, pink salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring, etc.

Also it is seafood: shrimps, mussels, squids, crayfish, lobsters, crabs, oysters, seaweed. They all contain trace elements that improve blood composition.

Animal protein foods also include eggs. For a long time, they were considered suppliers of cholesterol, so it was recommended to limit them. But for some time, eggs have been rehabilitated, as recent studies have shown that they do not cause the accumulation of harmful cholesterol.

Quail eggs are especially useful for potency. They have a strong stimulating effect, increase erection. You can eat scrambled eggs from 15-20 quail eggs (they are small: for comparison, the weight of chicken eggs is 60 g, and quail eggs – 10 g).

Further, the menu must include dairy products, as they are suppliers of complete animal protein. These are cottage cheese, cheese, cheese, milk, ryazhenka, kefir, etc.

In the diet should be present and plant foods. In the first place on the utility are legumes: beans, peas, lentils. These cultures contain large amounts of vegetable protein. Of these, you can cook soups, cereals.

A large amount of vegetable protein include nuts: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, peanuts, pistachios. In addition, nuts are rich in vitamin E, which is essential for sexual function.

Bitter chocolate is also good for an erection.

It is clear that a healthy diet is unthinkable without fruits and vegetables. They are present   vitamins   and trace elements necessary for the work of all organs and maintain high immunity.

Condiments and spices are very helpful in enhancing sexual function. The more acute and burning they are, the better they help to experience arousal and maintain an erection. Among the spices, red and black peppers, curry, saffron, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, etc. are especially useful. You can spice up various dishes and also include them in baking.

Vinegar, onion, garlic, horseradish, mustard, adjika, wasabi are also important seasonings (warning: spicy seasonings and spices are contraindicated in men with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract).

I must say that alcohol, due to its vasodilating properties, also has a beneficial effect on erection. But there is a very important point. If you take alcohol in moderation, it stimulates sexual function. And if it is used excessively, on the contrary, it depresses it and further leads to impotence.