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Food that excites – Effective ED treatment


The first ” aphrodisiac ” properties for oysters recognized the ancient Romans. They even crushed shells into crumb to add it to the love potion. At the time of Louis XIV, the reputation of the mollusks was already unshakable. Bon ton aristocratic revel of those years – up to 150 oysters “on the nose”. Even the death of the legendary royal chef Vatel attributed to the fact that another batch of oysters to the royal table did not arrive on time. Napoleon, in turn, swallowed dozens of them before each battle. For tonus. And he was right: the peculiar chemical composition not only determines the fine taste, but also has a tonic effect on the nervous system. And in the production of testosterone in oysters rich in zinc, there are no failures.


It would be nice to get to the liver, but in which case the fillet will fit. It is only necessary not to become entangled in the variety of species – out of three hundred species of sharks known to science, no more than a couple dozen are eaten. Their merits are far from unequivocal. For example, the meat of some predators contains a large amount of mercury, which can adversely affect the nervous system. Happy exceptions of all – herring shark, blue shark or quatran: no need to soak, pickle or boil, just choose a smaller fish so that the meat is tender and fine-fibered.

As well as shark fins

Those who are determined to trust the Chinese unconditionally in determining the benefits and curative properties of food should definitely try shark fin soup. For centuries it has been used to restore vital energy, increase hemoglobin, relieve nervous tension, increase physical endurance, enhance immunity and potency. In 100 g of shark fin 83.5 g of protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins. The gelling substance contained in them , rich in protein, on the one hand, gives the famous soup a pleasant thickness and piquancy, on the other hand it supplies the body with building material and energy.


The Chinese call jellyfish figuratively and poetically – “crystal meat”. On closer examination, the jellyfish, cut into a dish with translucent stripes, remotely resembles noodles in shape, and the consistency is something between a marmalade and crispy cartilage. However, eating jellyfish is not so much tasty as useful. The almost essential, shapeless body of a jellyfish contains easily digestible proteins, fats, carbohydrates, as well as manganese, chromium, iron, aluminum, copper, titanium, selenium in the proportions needed by the body, and about 17 amino acids. Unsurpassed aphrodisiac, according to many.


Even the Greeks and Romans endowed the truffle with magical properties, and Plutarch was completely convinced that they were “a product of underground gases.” Medieval sorcerers went even further, engaging a warty mushroom in their rituals as food for the devil and witches. A little later, the truffle was declared the most powerful aphrodisiac. Due to this quality, he firmly settled in the menu of Casanova, Napoleon, Byron. In 1981, a delicious pathogen finally acquired official status: German researchers discovered in it androstenol – the sex hormone.


“Wisdom, like the turtle soup, is not accessible to everyone,” said Kozma Prutkov, and even with the amendment, he was not mistaken today. Restaurants of Chinese cuisine, which, in fact, belongs to the recipe for turtle soup, can rarely boast of the presence of this dish on the menu: nobody has yet thought of producing turtle meat, and exclusive supplies are quite expensive. Meanwhile, men need to eat this soup regularly – it is believed that among the beneficial properties of tortoise meat is prevention and treatment of male diseases.

Swallow nest

Tiny salangane birds (each weighing no more than 10 g) build these nests from their saliva. The saliva hardens pretty quickly, and the nest with a diameter of 6-7 cm and a weight of 10-15 g, stuck to the rock at a height of not less than 45 m from the ground, becomes prey to collectors climbing up a sheer wall. 100 g of the product contains 49.9% protein, a large amount of iodine, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. The most useful are the nests of the first collection, where chicks have not yet been born. The Chinese attribute to them anti-aging properties, help in the rapid regeneration of cells and the production of collagen, the ability to relieve fatigue and recuperate. And most importantly, swallow nests, in their opinion, miraculously enhance the potency.


Marquis de Pompadour, who suffered from frigidity, did not unsuccessfully cope with her problem by pressing on a celery salad with apples and walnuts. And even drank hot chocolate with celery – the recipe for this murderous story of aphrodisiacs meal, unfortunately, did not convey to us. The marquis tried it out when she addicted Louis XV to celery soup: after completing the compulsory program, the monarch was removed to other favorites in order to perform an arbitrary one. The charge was too big. After all, celery is almost the record for the content of vitamins: ascorbic acid, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic acid and essential oils. As well as salts of potassium, calcium and phosphorus. That is, everything you need to increase potency.

Raw meat

Vegetarians can repeat as much as they like that meat is heavy food, which afterwards pulls you to sleep, and in no way for manifestations of Moorish passion. Nothing like this. The love of raw meat or meat with blood is a clear primitive instinct. Rich in protein and high-energy, it supports the hormonal excitability of the nerve centers. It is not necessary to bite my teeth into the barely skinned carcass. Restaurant options will also suit: carpaccio, tartar, rare steak . And familiar vegetarians need to hint that the rejection of meat food makes a person less sexy and sensual, more irritable and nervous. This is a science.


After the scandalous story of Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton could best advertise the exciting properties of lobster. Wherever the ex-president comes on a working visit or simply with a desire to rest, on the same evening a small plane with the freshest Canadian lobster on board sits down near his residence. Even resting in the medieval Scottish castle of Skibo, along with the lobster-infested Atlantic coast, Clinton ate the North American crayfish with enviable patriotism. The first dinner of Bill and Boris Nikolayevich did not go without his favorite delicacy – the presidents (without any ulterior motive) leaned on spaghetti with lobster and tomato. In the famous “Culinary Book of the Clinton Presidential Center: a collection of recipes for family and friends” again lobster. Who knows will understand…

Moray eel

Exotic snake fish is more like meat than its ocean counterparts. Absorbed by the human body almost completely, so it is often used for medicinal purposes. In the eyes of a neophyte, moray has two intriguing features. Firstly, it is the only one that has survived to the present day since the time of the dinosaurs, without undergoing any evolutionary changes. Secondly, it is poisonous. True, the poisonous glands of the moray erupt immediately after the catch, but this does not interfere with the sensation of sensations.


One of the few vegetables awarded the title of aphrodisiac. And at the most authoritative level. Doctors from Egypt and Ancient Greece recommended it to increase potency and from prostate diseases, being inspired, in all likelihood, by the erotic appearance of asparagus. It is not known whether this or some other circumstance made asparagus the favorite dish of kings and emperors of the Middle Ages, but it was then that she gained fame as an aristocratic vegetable. German peasants were forbidden even to appear on the market with asparagus – the entire harvest was to be sent to the royal table.

The easiest and most affordable aphrodisiac is a chicken egg. Best of all raw, but scrambled eggs will come down too. The egg concentrates all the essentials: trace elements, vitamins and special energy.

“Oysters of the Rocky Mountains” are not seafood at all, but calf’s testicles. Testosterone, for obvious reasons, they do not hold. The mutton’s testicles, which Louis XV used to treat Madame Pompadour for frigidity, and the lion’s testicles, which are preferred by the male population of Morocco and Algeria, will also do.

Onions Ayurveda calls “musk for the poor.” Tones, stimulates, cleanses the blood and stimulates better than many other products. And cheaper, which is important.

Snake is an aphrodisiac for the amateur. And there are lovers. Koreans to increase the potency of boiled porridge with the meat of poisonous snakes. Aboriginal people in some southern countries prefer the blood of a newly killed snake and dried lizard skin powder.

Garlic as an aphrodisiac “saw” even the ancient Egyptians. In the Middle Ages, he was banned on a par with many onions in many monasteries, so that novices would not accidentally set foot in the wind.

Mexicans more than anything else excite dishes from cactus: cactus pancakes, pickled cacti, glazed cacti. Well, “cactus vodka” – tequila.

A sip of olive oil and a spoonful of honey on an empty stomach, according to the Greeks, washes the bile ducts and fills the genitals. Cheap and angry.

Camel milk, in contrast to cow’s milk, not only heals, but also excites. To as many as possible people could see this, in the United Arab Emirates they are preparing to release chocolate with camel milk.

Deceit and love

Not all aphrodisiacs work in the same way. Those who are going to be excited and excited by chocolate, wine or mint, it is important to stop in time.

Chocolate is saturated with phenylethylamine – a substance that is formed in the body during sex. Those who have transferred chocolate can easily refuse to have sex. In any case, the wives of the Spanish conquistadors (the medieval “seamen of the long voyage”), absorbing chocolate in the absence of their husbands, achieved precisely this effect.

Wine, “increasing strength, weakens performance.” One glass of champagne produces a real explosion in the body of the gentleman: an explosive mixture of carbon dioxide and fructose makes the stomach to work three times more actively, and then, reaching the adrenal glands, doubles the production of the male sex hormone androgen. There are already a few minutes before the strengthening of erection. But the next glass will not produce such a strong effect, the lover will slowly ruin, or even fall asleep.

Mint is very cunning at all: it excites the young, not too young, on the contrary, it soothes. However, the young should not get carried away – the exciting properties of mint are primarily associated with its aroma. Take inside is not necessary.