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Sex manipulation. 5 men’s tricks – Effective ED treatment

For some reason, it is generally accepted that sex as a bargaining chip is used mainly by women. It is not true!

Of course, a man has a ton of other “control levers.” It was … But in the era of gender equality, when you secure your financial and social status yourself, passionate males begin to manipulate them in a completely girlish manner. Here are five basic male tricks.

Authoritative manipulation

In the evening, at dinner, your beloved reads news to you such as: “British scientists have found that women practicing anal sex are cheated five times less often than non practitioners.” And your indignant “Whatoooo ?!” is an innocent look. 

Manipulation or not? If you, in principle, are not against anal sex, it’s just that everyone doesn’t reach … hmm … hands, then this can be considered a “stimulating kick”. But if you categorically object to this fun, then direct manipulation. Even a hidden threat.

Compassionate manipulation

He had a hard day. The customer doubted his professionalism. His division lost to football in another division because he, the goalkeeper, conceded two goals. He was called “uncle” in the store, and he is still so young … In general, “only next to you, my love, I feel like a hero …” And you are technically carried away to bed.

Manipulation or not? If you are vigorous and full of strength, then help your man feel “on horseback.” Well, that is, you understand. But if you had an equally difficult day, you just talked about it, is it worth giving the last drops of energy to restore a man’s reputation? You are still not a horse.

Comparative manipulation

The beloved, with sparkling eyes, says: “I met Kolka, a classmate. Well, chattered about that and that. And about wives, yes. People are lucky! Kolka says that he wants to erect a monument to his wife. And write on it: “A unique woman who never has a headache”! Count it, ten years live, and sex every day. ” 

That is, they do not seduce you, do not please, do not persuade, but simply take “weakly”. Manipulation of pure water!

Inappropriate manipulation

No sex. Any creeps are answered by cold indifference. The first female thought: “I changed!” The second: “What have I done?” In the vast majority of cases, refusing sex is just a way to achieve something that for some reason you are not giving. Moreover, one must also guess where the shortage is. Very female way of manipulation, agree?

Love manipulation

“If you love me, you will agree to this,” the main message. What is it for? Yes, for anything that he really wants, but not really – for you. Group sex, anal, technically sophisticated oral. Yes, even ordinary, but in a situation that has nothing to do with sex with you, for example, visiting your parents, in the bathroom, quickly. In general, this phrase in itself betrays the emotional immaturity of the partner. Usually teenagers behave this way while seducing a girl. One option: “If you do not want to do this with me, you do not accept me as I am.”

Sex is not the salvation of a drowning man. And not even emigration after him to Siberia or Zimbabwe. Therefore, the question itself is absolutely manipulative. Do not give in! Well, unless, of course, you yourself want to.