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Handwork: 5 interesting facts about manual caress that you didn’t know – Effective ED treatment

Passionately learning new sex techniques, scenarios and devices, girls often forget about the capabilities of their hands. And in vain. It turns out that with proper performance, manual caress can impress a man no less than oral, moreover, bring unexpected benefit to yourself.

1. Manual sex is very diverse.

In the minds of many girls lives a stereotype that giving a partner a hand caress simply does not make sense, because such a pleasure he can deliver to himself. Undoubtedly, a man is able to bring himself to discharge quickly and with maximum efficiency. But in the performance of the woman he loves, it will be much more sensual, beautiful and pleasant. Do not forget that a man, as a rule, masturbates with one hand. The girl has the ability to manipulate both at different angles, revealing her feelings incomparable to self-service.

Manual techniques can be not only a great prelude, but also an independent type of sex, even without additional devices. Enough your hands, lubrication, knowledge and skills. Even different amounts and types of lubricants can create completely different sensations. For example, the abundant use of grease, coupled with the technique of vacuum stimulation of the head will bring a man exactly the same sensations as during oral sex. And various means with a stimulating effect will provide new facets of pleasure and will bring a bright discharge closer.

2. Manual technicians are reliable and effective.

Unlike vaginal, oral and any other types of sex, manual techniques allow you to manage the situation as much as possible. With the help of hands, you can create an erection, accelerate or, conversely, alienate the discharge of a partner, not to mention the numerous shades of pleasure. And most importantly, all this does not require overcoming difficulties like a gag reflex or weakened intimate muscles. It is enough to master the techniques – and the powerful tool for managing the pleasure of a man is in your hands.

In this case, all the variety of manual sex techniques is based on two simple principles that are not difficult to remember.

To accelerate the orgasm, you should always move with the support down, continuously stimulating the dome of the head. If it is necessary to postpone the discharge and improve the quality of the partner’s erection, the scheme is reversed: movement only with the stop up and contact with the dome of the head is minimal.

3. There are toys for manual sex too.

Like other types of sex, manual techniques can be supplemented with various sex devices. First of all, it is stimulants and masturbators. Their use at times enhances the effect of hand-caress, and various patterns of the inner surface create completely different sensations. For example, a masturbator with a pronounced spiral relief is able to imitate one-for-one vaginal sex for a man. The choice of reliefs, design and concepts of such accessories is huge, which allows you to constantly try something new, and if you want to collect thematic collections for different occasions and moods. The main thing to remember is that any stimulants and masturbators are necessarily applied with lubrication.

4. Manual technicians are available anytime, anywhere

For oral sex you need a certain attitude. Anal sex requires training and some knowledge. Even a vaginal classic is not always possible, because every woman has “the wrong days” of the cycle, after all, situations arise when the doctor prescribes sexual rest. Manual sex can be practiced anywhere, anytime and in any condition. And, importantly, without disturbing public order. Sleight of hand will do an excellent service if passion has found you in a car. Or on a bench in an empty evening park. And even on the plane. After all, if there are no passengers nearby, the main lighting is turned off and a blanket is thrown on the partner’s lap, you can fulfill this popular fantasy without leaving the chair and unnoticeable to others.

5. It is useful for your development.

Manual sex brings not only sensual pleasure to the partner, but also unexpected benefit to you. After all, hand-held technicians perfectly develop coordination, fine motor skills and activate inter-hemispheric interaction of the brain. Regularly resorting to such “exercises”, you increase the chances of avoiding early Alzheimer’s disease, and also train cognitive functions: attention, thinking, memory, imagination. The principle “from movement to thinking” has been successfully used for the prevention and correction of cognitive impairment. Having decided to master the skills of manual caresses, you will get two benefits at once: excellent sex equipment for all occasions and a tool for developing your own abilities.