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The X-Files: 7 More Gadgets For Unforgettable Sex – Effective ED treatment

I hope the “Great Masturbator” Dali, a picture that is included in the national collection of Spanish masterpieces, will allow you to come to terms with this topic. Today we will talk about masturbators.

Masturbators for men – the same as dildos for women – a gadget that allows you to survive loneliness. But only the uninitiated think so.  

In fact, women need masturbators. It’s not necessary for her husband to even show these things. The husband must be handcuffed to the bed, blindfolded and using a masturbator to do with him something that no other woman in the world can ever repeat. And since he will not know where such incredible sensations come from (he thinks that from you), you will immediately become irreplaceable and unique for him.

What are masturbators

The first male masturbators repeated the appearance and tactile properties of the mouth, female genitals or anus, but the modern industry has created masturbators with vibration, pulsation, and internal reliefs. The material used for sex toys is diverse: from PVC and silicone to expensive cyber leather that gives an extremely realistic feel.

Frank toys in the form of genitals do not interest us. This let the boys understand themselves. We need thin and graceful things that do not look like anything indecent at all and with their innocent appearance they never hint at sex. That is, if a husband accidentally finds such a thing in broad daylight, he will decide that it is either your makeup or interior decoration. In an extreme case, a female expander. Well, admire:   


  1. Tenga Deep Throat Cup. Thought it was a ball deodorant? And no! This is a device for simulating oral sex. 
  2. Tenga Soft Tube. It is flattened on the sides – and thus resembles a tube of cream. But, to be honest, they flattened it not for disguise, but for more tight compression of everything that enters it. The entire inner surface of this tube is covered with thin tickling antennae. 
  3. Tenga Egg . These beautiful eggs are made of silicone, and their inner surface is covered with embossed patterns. The feelings of your man will vary depending on the patterns. You can try one after another at least a dozen different eggs!
  4. Apollo by California Exotic Novelties . It looks brutal, but in fact it is soft and delicate. Relief patterns are diverse. Before use, this thing must be turned with a relief inward.

All these are disposable masturbators. That is, they, of course, can be used two or three times (like disposable razors), but it is better not to: it is rather difficult to ensure good hygienic treatment of all these ribs-patterns.

The hardest

  1. Tenga Flip Hole. Real Japanese technology: three buttons that create a vacuum at different levels, plus ribbing on the inner surface allow you to simulate vaginal sex, and oral and something completely unimaginable and unique. And does not buzz – a man will be sure that everything will happen only under the influence of your spell. 
  2. Cobra Libre from Fun Factory . When laid horizontally, it looks like a toy racing car. Two powerful motors and different vibration modes in general can free you from manual work. But buzzing. Pleasure will turn out, the secret is unlikely.
  3. Sqweel Go – in fact, this water mill was conceived as a clitoral stimulator. But all 10 reeds willingly lick a man. A good help if, for example, your husband loves oral sex, but you do not. 

These are reusable masturbators. Durable, reliable and not afraid of water. It can be washed and reused.

How to use them

He must not peep!

With the simplest you yourself will figure it out, nothing complicated. Although, if you read the instructions, you can avoid unnecessary expenses: not all masturbators require additional lubrication. Beginners also will not hurt to figure out where the toys have their faces and where the inside is.

Masturbators are used with relief inside. Having filled the product with grease, it is necessary to squeeze it a little in your hands so that the grease is distributed. Otherwise, you can get quite strong abrasions on the penis and not get pleasure. The size of the Tenga testicle should not scare you – it, like a condom, is practically dimensionless. You can stretch it to the base of the penis, but many use such masturbators only on the head, so that the relief is more noticeable.

And a few more purely female tricks:

  1. Use only water-based lubricant, as silicone dissolves with silicone.
  2. Both the masturbator and the lubricant must be warmed to body temperature before use, otherwise your loved one will immediately understand that technical means are used against him. The best way to heat up is to hold this gadget under your armpit or between your hips for the duration of the prelude.
  3. Grease can be pre-poured into the masturbator and heated directly in it.
  4. The prelude should be quite long. Caress the man with his hands or body over the body using special oils or gels – let his mind adapt to the feeling of moisture and get used to the idea that everything that happens is the work of your hands exclusively.    

Do not go straight to the point, otherwise the man will feel like a participant in the experiment, and not an object of desire. Start with a light erotic massage on the body, wait for a steady erection and only then use a pre-prepared masturbator. But the main! – Be sure to read the instructions for use so that there are no embarrassments.

All modes of vibration, vacuumization and intensity levels on reusable devices are best studied and rehearsed in advance.

Additional options

Masturbators can be used openly and without additional entourage if sex is currently contraindicated to you or not particularly desirable:

  • pregnancy,
  • critical days,
  • treatment,
  • fatigue,
  • pronounced dislike for oral sex.