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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Effective ED treatment

Many males suffer from prostrate conditions as they become older but even younger men are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Symptoms of ED can be the loss of desire to have sexual relations and the inability to keep a full erection.

About half of the male population in their forties or older have some sort of erection problems, which may be caused by some unknown health condition. Physicians now know that many lifestyle factors play a role in the ability to have an erection.

Both Physical and Psychological issues might play a role in a male’s ability to keep an erection. Smoking, drinking and drug abuse are three major factors of ED, which can be avoided. Other reasons could be the possibility of a health issue caused from diabetes, stroke or cardiovascular problems. Other factors could be from stress over financial obligations, a bad relationship or worrying about everyday issues.

The good news is that physicians today have various treatments that they can use to help control the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. If you believe you are suffering from ED, you should seek treatment from your doctor as soon as possible because this might be an early warning for more serious health issues.

Erectile Dysfunction can be a warning sign that other more serious health-related issues are possible such as heart disease or other cardiovascular problems. Studies now prove that many males with ED have either high blood pressure or circulatory problems that are associated with ED.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction has changed tremendously over the years. Some of the best-known medicines for treating ED are Viagra, which is available in 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. The usual recommended dose is 50 mg, taken one hour before you have sex.

Other medications are Levitra, available in five mg, ten mg, and twenty mg, taken thirty minutes to an hour before sex. Cialis can be taken once daily or at least thirty minutes before sex. Never take any medication without first consulting with your Physician.

Not all ED cases are the same. It is important to discuss with your Doctor all factors that might be playing a role in your inability to keep an erection. Many males with ED suffer from a fear of failing to please their female partners.

Another underlying cause of ED might be obesity. It can also be caused from not getting proper nutrition. Many men take vitamin supplements to improve their sexual efficiency. Others might take herbal pills to treat the symptoms of ED. Many of these herbal remedies are safer than the medical prescribed pills such as Viagra and Levitra.

These herbal pills may contain niacin and vitamin B6, which increases the blood flow to the penis. Some Men take a pill known as Horny Goat Weed. It was used to treat the symptoms of ED, pain, fatigue and low sex drive.

Whatever might be causing your Erectile Dysfunction issue, you should seriously consider visiting your doctor.  Treat the problem now because it might be the beginning of a more serious and fatal disease later.