Cialis and Erectile dysfunction

ED is commonly treated as a disease. Actually it is not. It is a condition in the body which occurs as response to some changes in the body and in the environment. Only in 3% of cases erectile dysfunction occurs for no reason. Men used to think that erection disorders are only an age related problem. Bad news is that over 7% of patients under 20 years old report problems with erection. This is a highly embarrassing and frustrating condition that affects not only physical state of a man, but also its psychological conditions and reflects in the way he lives. Patients commonly get anxious about their sexual disorders, lose productivity, get more irritable and touchy, their families get under risk of divorce. Many patients consider erectile dysfunction to be an end of their sexual life. This is the greatest myth produced by pharmaceutical companies to sell you expensive sex enhancers. It is true that pills will help you to restore your erectile ability for the period of time while you getting proper treatment of a cause of ED. Cialis is known not only to ensure erection when needed but to perform remarkable effect in complete restoration of the erectile function and total recovery. However in this review we will tell you about 5 effective ways of ED prevention. Following these simple tips you will not need any pills to develop hard erection every time you need it.

1. Start Moving

Modern life presents ultimate comforts for a person. We have got numerous tools, appliances and vehicles to distantly reach the objects and people. We use Skype to see our friends, we use cars to get to work or to "go" shopping, we use remote controllers to switch on and off TVs, computers and other appliances adding comfort to our lives. However apart from this comfort these appliances make us immovable. Just think of how much time you walk every day, how many steps you do every day. A study of Harvard university has found out that only 30 minutes of walking every day drops the risks of developing erectile problems by 41%. Walking increases the blood flow in the genital area of the body. Blood flow is a necessary condition of erection.

2. Healthy Diet

People get poor nutrition. This is a proven fact. Though the greatest variety of healthy products is available in stores still we commonly opt for products and foods of quick cook. We believe the labels on the boxes saying that you will get enough of fats, proteins and carbs, however these products are very poor in quality and most of the contained fats, proteins and carbs just will not get absorbed in the body, moreover they will be just eliminated from your body the next morning. Try to recollect when you ate a fresh apple for the last time? When you did fresh salad or cooked something healthy?

Healthy diet means not only eating right products but eating on a proper schedule. The frantic pace of life makes us skip breakfasts or take just a cup of coffee or a sandwich. The lunch at the work is also not very healthy and rich in nutrients and vitamins. By the time of diner you are so tired that you put something to your mouth and go to bed.

The male aging study at Massachusetts university proved that eating diet rich in vitamins and nutrients (consuming fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, various sorts of fish and drinking fresh juices, while reducing the consumption of coffee, alcohol, bad (read "fast") foods) sufficiently decreases the risks of developing ED. Moreover nutritionists recommend to reduce consumption of red processed meat as well as refined grains. Watch the vitamins you consume with foods as the deficiency of B12 vitamin increases the risk of ED. If you do not see possible ways of enriching your diet in vitamins and nutrients then you should start taking vitamin supplements. But mind that only about 20% of the dosages indicated on the box of the multi-vitamin complex will be absorbed in your body.

3. Vascular Health Is Important

Vessels are the second essential component of getting proper erection. Having high blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels exceeding the norm just contribute to the risks of getting ED. All of these factors ruin vessels and prevent blood from free flowing through the arteries. Apart from getting erectile problems you will soon witness heart strokes and brain troubles. Check with your doctor and get proper treatment, diet and lifestyle management to normalize these factors.

4. Big Size Is Not Good At All

If big in your case means big body then you are a step closer to erectile problems. The studies have shown that men with 40' waste line develop ED 50% more likely to get problems with erection than man with 32' of waste line. Slimming your waste and keeping the result is not easy but the effect is worth your strives and efforts. Reducing weight you will feel easier and better, you will get rid of bothersome symptoms (you know that horrible wheezing during hot sex or intense moving), but do not exhaust yourself with extreme workouts and super strict diet as you will do just worse. Moderate but regular cardio workouts and healthy diet will do best for you.

5. Make You Sphincter Work

The trials proved that doing Kegel exercises just twice a week for about 20 minutes each time reduce the risk of getting problems with erection by 87%. This is the best way of ED prevention. You can find numerous articles and step by step instructions of how to do the exercises, but actually, you can make your sphincter work at any time at any place: in the car, in the office, while standing in the queue or when lazing on the sofa in the evening. Just contract your anus sphincter muscle for 20 seconds and then relax, repeat the exercise again for 5 times. The pauses between contractions should not exceed 5-7 seconds. By doing this simple exercise in different positions of your body will strengthen the pelvic floor and will sufficiently increase the rigidity helping to prevent the blood from leaving penile tissues during sexual intercourse. Do not worry, nobody will notice your exercising.

These tips are essential for all male patients. If you have already noticed some troubles with erection start acting right now. The only con of these tips is that they require some time to perform effect. But you should keep in mind that you have Cialis - a potent and effective ED enhancer which will help you to gain erection while you will change your life to better with these ED prevention tips.