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9 golden sexting rules that will come in handy for you – Effective ED treatment

Sexting is the exchange of erotic messages, photographs and videos that can inflame passion in new ones and add fire in a long relationship. Sexting is a fascinating game of understatement, hints, frank sentences that can bring a partner to the peak of desire. Sexting does not have clear rules, because for each pair there are variations of the acceptable. However, there are general guidelines that help make sexting more efficient and safer.

Anna Moderska, sex consultant and teacher who works with German adult toy manufacturer Fun Factory

  1. Engage in sexting only with someone you fully trust, in whose reliability you are absolutely sure. Remember that even people you know can create risky situations and violate your privacy: photos can be stolen, correspondence read, and then all this data is published in the public domain. Therefore, be careful and start sexting with a person with whom you were already close.
  2. Do not use your real names with any kind of sexting. To protect yourself and the partner, write it down in your contacts under a different name and ask them to do the same for you. If you want to secure sextes even more, use not only code names, but also words denoting the performance of certain actions between you. So no one except you will understand what is at stake. And the mystery between you will further enhance the sexuality of what is happening.
  3. When sending text messages or photos, be careful not to accidentally send the sext to the wrong destination. That there were no curiosities, watch out for auto-replace words.
  4. Use only proprietary secure communications devices for sexting. The risk of becoming a victim of hacker attacks is much less.
  5. To maintain confidentiality, do not store photographs and correspondence, no matter how you like to relive the hot moments again. Pay special attention to photos: sent pictures should not be stored on devices, in iCloud and other cloud services, from any devices. Do not lure hackers.
  1. Do not engage in sexting at work, no matter how tedious or relaxed it is. If something gets out of hand, it will inevitably affect your career.
  2. When photo and video sexting, try to make sure that your face does not fall into the frame. The partner, having received spicy photos or frames, even if your face is not visible on them, will still experience a lot of pleasure. And you will be sure that no one will guess who exactly is sexted.
  3. If you are going to split up or have already joined the process, do not drink alcohol. This is not the best way to relieve shyness and tension. Having hit the head, alcohol will dull control over your actions and clarity of thinking. At best, you’ll start typos or look stupid. At worst, you can violate your safety.
  4. Trust each other, because by sending sixths, you give your partner and yourself complete control over the situation. Be confident in yourself and show how you can direct passion and how you can manage your body.

And some more useful tips:

Correspondence sexting:

It’s worth starting sexting not with candid photos or even less videos, but with erotic phrases that will gradually raise the degree. Observe the reaction of the interlocutor: if he is silent or writes monosyllabic dry phrases in response, then further does not make sense. But if there is a reaction, then: say compliments, use ambiguities, provoke even monosyllabic sentences, do not hesitate to use capsules where it means strong desire, where appropriate – do not be afraid to use emoticons, but do not turn the correspondence into endless pictograms.

Using photos:

Remember that the partner turns on the most. You can send one photo of a part of a naked body. An hour later. Then again. But the most “hot” is better to show in person.

A good way to tease is to send photos of poses from the Kama Sutra, an element from your role-playing games, photos of sex toys or underwear from a sex shop, a scheme of erogenous zones. Make sure that parts of the interior do not fall into the frame: firstly, let nothing distract your partner from your body, and secondly, no one should guess where exactly this is shot.

Take intriguing shots. Choose the best angles, learn to work with the camera.

Video Sexting:

The quality of video streaming, camcorders on a laptop or mobile device is the most important moment for video sexting. Now obsolete Flash has been replaced by WebRTC technology, which is already integrated into many popular desktop browsers and does not require the installation of third-party plug-ins for its work. So for cool cyber-sexting that can defeat a partner on the spot, you will need high-speed Internet, a powerful computer and a good webcam with a high level of optics, the type of matrix used and its resolution of at least 1.3 megapixels (usually it varies from 1.3 up to 5 megapixels). It is unlikely that your partner will be satisfied with the low quality image.

Be sure to pay attention to the interior, lighting and clothing. No mess in the frame, no home workouts, stretched T-shirts and pathetic dressing gowns. Look in advance exactly how the light falls on your body in front of the monitor, so as not to look like a pale ghost emerging from the darkness in the frame.

For video sexting, sex devices are very appropriate: almost any toy is suitable, because the partner gets the look of the sex toy in your hands. It can be frictional pulsator movements in front of the monitor, with which you can tease your counterparts on sexting. Phallic form of vibrators or dildo. Men can “respond” with a game with a masturbator, especially if the partner on the monitor starts striptease or solo sex response games.